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  1. There have been a lot of things added that are annoying, but they dont make the core game any more difficult since there is always a strategy to avoid them. Since this is a round based survival game, it just seems obvious that surviving should become more difficult as rounds progress. It shouldn't get any easier. It shouldn't plateau. It should continue to increase in difficulty until we die because we cant survive. Adding more zombies perfectly achieves this goal. The method of increasing difficulty has to be fair to all playstyles and players, possible within the engine, and true to the core
  2. Yeh you're right about the early rounds. If it was implemented then it would be ruined. Thats why i think it should progressively increase from the mid to high rounds. That way, the early rounds that we establish ourselves on (and many randoms dont make it past) would be unaffected. Then as we progress to the rounds when we're set up and everything flatlines the difficult would increase as it should. As a result, the players that dont make it past, lets say round 30, would be unaffected. While the zombie players who are accustomed to dying from boredom would have the challenge. The whole
  3. The feedback of BO2 zombies has been quite mixed. Personally, I've liked it, however one major thing has been bugging me for a long time in zombies; the difficulty. Once a certain point is reached in this mode, the difficulty just doesn't change. Sure, more zombies come each round but surviving doesnt get any harder. It just takes more time. With treyarch moving zombies to the MP engine, we were promised on several occasions that this meant 'double the zombies'. I thought that this would mean that in any mode we would have twice as many zombies on a map at a time, so 48. Unfortunately, th
  4. Grief! Grief! Grief! Its a shame that they already haven't made bus depot, nuketown, and certain regions of die rise playable for grief. Bus depot would be great as the challenge its designed to be (no perks), nuketown is the perfect size with ideal choke points to block enemies, and Die Rise seems like the a map made for unique griefing techniques with tight areas and great opportunities to hit people off the edges. The biggest problem with doing something like this at the moment is the current matchmaking system in zombies, where the player base is spread very thin with the allowance
  5. If you look in the bottom left corner of the large overhead of Tranzit, there is a road that veers off the path of the bus. I was thinking, if Nuketown or future DLCs were to be an extension of Tranzit then this road could lead to them. Alternately this could be one of the benefits of taking the journey between areas by foot rather than on the bus. Thoughts?
  6. Could this be a link to Shangri La mountains? I have no idea how, but the devs made a big deal about that and I always wondered what these signs were for on Shangri La.
  7. Based on just first looks, it seems like exactly what I've wanted to happen with zombies for a long time. The return to the eerie, world at war feel is brilliant. The bus looks like a great gameplay addition, and the scale of the map seems awesome. But above all else, the thing I was most impressed with was the speed of the zombies. If this has been done the way I'm hoping, it may just bring the challenge back to zombies that WaW had, but was taken away as gameplay in every single BO map boiled down to running around in circles. This combined with the increased number of zombies hopefully
  8. By having a good look at this, some things seem consistent with the map being on a farm but others are quite the contrary. The main feature that screams farm to me is the crops (corn maybe?) which are clearly evident either side of the path. This reminded me of something I read back when Jimmy drew everyones attention to the Manhattan Project. One location that is frequently mentioned on its wiki page is the Hanford site. At this location, a large amount of land was acquired around a proposed plutonium production complex. This land was taken to remove population from the area in the
  9. Originally I was going to post this on the Zombies suggestion thread but it ended up taking a lot longer and becoming a lot bigger than I first thought so I made my own thread. I’ll apologize in advance for the wall of text but please don’t skip over this as it has taken a lot of time and thought. INTRODUCTION Anyone who played zombies from the beginning in World at War would probably agree with me that zombies had a far higher re-playability then it does in Black Ops. There are numerous reasons for this. My suggestion is that Treyarch changes these things as IMO, zombies has lost it
  10. This is by far the best and most original idea I have seen anywhere regarding zombies. You deserve a lot more credit for your ideas and I really hope Treyarch takes notice. If this was implemented, zombies would also become a game of creation, as people come up with their own unique weapons. Additionally, there would be an added element of discovery as people attempt to find the unique combinations. Since the addition of PaP, weapon advancement has become somewhat stagnant. As such, this idea or some other innovation that evolves the concept of PaP should be added to spice up the weapons
  11. I'm so glad someone has said this. It is so true. I've been following CODZ since right back in the exciting times of WAW, but since I now know that the developers, in particular Collin Ayers is closely watching this forum, I decided to make an account just recently to have some input on what I feel needs to be changed in order for the zombies experience to be as amazing as it can be. They all do lack the eerie feeling of WAW but I think there is a lot more to it than that. There were a lot of things that were changed from World at War to Black Ops which I think have been detrimental to the
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