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  1. In case you guys missed my Response: http://wp.me/p2JtoB-c9 Also my whole round 178 on Moon: http://bit.do/jgde could not stream the game on my main account due to the very people who accuse me of hacking were ddosing me everytime i went live as stop me from displaying this game. Please note that the previous record holder is involved in all of this as well
  2. im with chopper on this even tho it doesn't seem bad thinking about but playing it as i speak from experience, it is frustrating even to hit 70 you wont be able to hold on to the waff you'll be alternating and killing George mid round, so 1 round waff 1 round without, the round without will take 3 times as long. + recycling your weapon that many times in 1 round especially cotd because of the re-spawn is just too risky. heres a run i did a while back(fyi i hate recycling weapons lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDkLOsEZdv0 Good luck though i'd like to see it, will you be live-streaming?
  3. might have to check that out or adjust game volume to confirm...
  4. You Alpha Sir are on point No reaction.. i'll play offline if i have to.. like the good ol days
  5. This was just posted up on a Black ops facebook page. Not sure if its fan run anyone verify?
  6. Looks like a double barrel shotty ... anyone got a link to where the original pic is
  7. Yea it seems that they always run through the teleporter if they are close to it in the PAP room but i have noticed if you close the door right on them as they try to escape they will spawn out through the windows i know the time factor is a bit annoying but i have raged at being teleported to the war room 9 times in a row before... most times its 2 to 4.. i think in the long run this should cut hours out depending on how far its taken also a note to add you can add the auto train if you like because when you get to the top you still have some time to spare before the trap comes online that is if you want to play it totally safe, but for some strange reason it went buggy on us and only half the zombies would gather outside the pap door the rest would jump out the windows and stand idle till the door opens which caused a lot of problems as 1 player does not have jug. from 37/38 onwards we circled war room
  8. This will be my first Topic for you guys on codz, new here so i may post stuff like this from time to time. I would suggest adjustment to this strat depending on your own individual style and a high level of communication between players
  9. Yea i just see alot of high rounds being attempted that is on the ps3 side.. leaderboards are frequently changing
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