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  1. Rpk because it really reminds me of an ak-47
  2. Im gonna be honest i couldnt find a mural close to this one on the internet. I did order some books through the library so i could study more on communist propaganda and propaganda art so maybe i will find something. Also the weird thing i find with this mural, out of all the cccp murals they were mostly red and this one is blue so im starting to think that the developers designed this but like i said they were mostly red with the exception of, how do i put it, Beautiful, detailed art with many colors.
  3. To be honest, I'd rather let someone else get the wunder weapons. Example: So I'm playing Der riese with randoms that have a lower high round than I do, so naturally im gonna question if they actually got to that high round by contributing, or was the guy that needed to get revived many times. So im gonna buy the M1A1 carbine then Thompson so i can guage their skill. Right now im gonna determine their skills by two things. 1. If they get the juggs before box they know wats up(maybe but usualy can get to the late 20's) 2. If there spamming the box(either they want an AR or WW) and if someone us
  4. Im interested. Btw I Effing love your avatar BlindBusDriver
  5. "Winning" Tank Dempsey on Shangri la
  6. Wait, if the biggest figure isnt lenin, is it possible they could be the acsension scientists?
  7. I like your thinking. Im gonna attempt to find information on this mural and i'll let u know what i find via this post.
  8. Are you trying to say the illuminati was behind communism or that treyarch picked this mural simply because they thought we would see that? I so hope you mean the latter because this image might have symbolism or info pertaining to zombies.
  9. What i was saying yeah im wathcing the screen i just don't wanna be that guy thats doing nothing for those rounds in the beginning but as soon as everyone wants to play yeah i;ll ready up and stop what im doing. Im not defending those people just staying there for no reason at all. And usually when i go to take a bathroom break in between games i;ll ready up before i go i shouldve made that clear. I do the same when not doing split screen and ive noticed that more people are a$$es about it. And by that (dare i say) are even worse than split screeners. Ive seen a guy not play for a whole game t
  10. As being an occasional split screener i must defend some aspect. If you see a big score that means either one of three things: 1.Had to take a two minute urination 2.Had to smoke a cigarette or bowl 3.Have to take a five minute break If 2 or 3 are happening i will not ready up unless if 1/3 or 1/2 of the people do, or unless the break is over. Then there are the people who seem to leave there house for good as when i look for a random game, it took me up to a halfhour too get a game on my desired map(Verruckt as many people don't play it) and as looking for what seemed like thous
  11. When i read this i was all like "please not be a teddy bear refrence, please not a teddy bear refrence." But then it happened. But if you didn't notice this before i can only imagine the level of excitement you had when you saw this. I bet it felt spectacular
  12. Yessss bruce cambell all the way. Maybe an idea for the next cotd like map
  13. sub zero from mortal kombat. Not the unmasked one but te one who rips spines out.
  14. You know how communist states like north korea have pictures of their(i believe thats the right form of the word) leader everywhere. sorta similar to that but these kinda of murals show there leaders(former and current) in places of power, and they intergrate accomplishments into it. This one i have no idea maybe mathmatics due to the guy with the stone with writing on it. I remeber seeing one that was designed shortly after the russians went into orbit and it had a rocket on it. I researched this didnt think mmuch of it but completely overlooked the symbolism it may have pertainin to zombies
  15. I'd have to go with the dragunuv cause of the damage it can cause. and plus if your far away from your wall weapon, u can run into zombies and not worry cuz it's really powerful, and get ur ammo and repeat
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