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  1. I think it would dissapoint me if they would cancel the PaP go to a whole new Gameplay like this survival thing in Mw3 . If they wouldnt add secret songs in the maps. And maybe the biggest dissapoinment ,all these secrets : story , songs , hints , traps ,just everything ! it keeps us playing the game for years just to search for some rumors appeared in the internet , its awesome if you discover something! :)
  2. anyone noticed the teleporter over the pyramid? Maybe its the top of the Shangri la temple and with Golden rod and focus stone you let it "Ascend" and go through the teleporter ,then it appear in Area 51 ,just a guess
  3. QED drops weapons lol really i got Aug and Ray gun
  4. i dont think its gonna be like competive , its gonna be co operative for sure. i dont really know about flamethrower but i guess its just a attachment . i noticed you can see around 4.25 this blue ground i guess its like that mysterious thing where you saw dempsey flowin through. And about hacking.. i cant see the use of it really , maybe its like this enemy with red name can take the weapons off the wall or something and you hack the weapon so he cant .. im not sure just a theory.
  5. Your Theory sounds really interesting but there is just one thing which makes me doubt this... Its just i think Treyarch wouldnt make this so easy ,i think its fuckin damn complicated , but maybe your right i dont really now at least i know i owe you a lot of brains [brains] [brains] [brains]
  6. if you watch the inside xbox video about rezurrection you can clearly hear either Takeo or Richtofen (not sure about that) with his accent. so calm down ,its difinitly the crew and know what ,i fuckin cant wait for Black Ops 2 ,its gonna kick MW3 IMO!
  7. So its maybe a dumb question but in the first Trailer you see the whole time where they playin on the Moon, in Inside Xbox they play like in a open Base which has Daylight and that stuff (IMO it looks like a base) so do we can teleport from the moon to earth back or what? or is it just one room like in Kino to PaP? Any other Ideas? Sorry for my english :x
  8. unfortunetly its not ,the PPSH was fuckin Badass IMO. It wouldnt make sense ,there are just a couple of weapons from the second WW in Black Ops and PPSH definitly not ._.
  9. l Raijin l


    i dont think so. There is a picture on the starting room right next to Quick Revive i think. And if i remember he died on these Japanese island ,dont know how its called. Maybe he's a zombie :lol:
  10. The crew were not in Verrückt? o.O Oh damn i forgot that [brains]
  11. I want G11 without a fuckin sight -.- Put back the Browning ,it really kicked ass in WaW. I wished a long time ago the Pack a Punched version of the Olympia would be Dual What about Thomahawks? :lol:
  12. I first thought there are 2 new weapons ,this dual weapon and this new "cooking-weapon" well but if you look closely you can see dual and cooking-weapon is the same , i noticed it at the number on the left site ofthe weapon plus the arrow on the same side. both weapons got these so it means one of it is Pack a Punched ,and i think the dual weapon is the PaP'ed version of the cooking weapon (no clue what the name is ,maybe something to do with the number) sorry about my horrible english btw
  13. I wounder how the crew got to Verrückt. I mean is there a storypart which explains how they got there? o.O IMO its like the Maps came out ,even if its unrealistic: 1.Verrückt 2.Shi No Numa 3.Der Riese 4.Kino der Toten 5.Five/Ascenion 6.Call of the Dead 7.Shangri La 8.Moon 9.(probably) Quarantine i think i dont have to mention Dead ops and Nacht der untoten
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