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  1. This is a challenge game on Mob of the Dead with yours truly, S1ippery Jim! In this game I set myself the challenge of surviving a full 30 rounds using only the Golden Spork to kill zombies. Problem is, the 30 rounds start from when I get the spork! Will I succeed or die trying? This series also shows a great solo strategy to get set up in the early rounds (I get hells retriever and the Acid Gat and fly the plane at round 4, and get the Golden Spork at round 8) 6euruXblFHE
  2. The dude is way off...ranking is not simply KD.
  3. Hi Guys I've seen a lot of inaccurate stuff about the new zombie ranking system in Black Ops2 so I put together this video to show you guys the rankings and explain what they are and how it works, Cheers SJ O5wyN8VcViE
  4. Ok... elaborate? How do you do it without 4 players? I don't know if anyone answered your question, but I have a guide on how to do this with less than four players here: FPs5yiYxdUI Basically you need at least 2 players, both with EMPs, then you both need to throw an EMP grenade at different street lamps, quickly jump through the teleporter and then throw your last grenade at the one you come out at.
  5. Hi Guys I'm live streaming some high rounds in TranZit, come watch the stream here: D9KGvicuxL4
  6. I've put it up there and its made a full lap of the map so I don't think it gets knocked off
  7. Its not deadshot daquiri, in fact it is nothing remotely like it. I have this 'perk' and all it does is pop zombies heads, there is no increase in damage, no extra points and it does not count as a headshot for your player. I have tested this. It is only a cosmetic 'fun' type of ability. People only started calling it Deadshot because that is the only perk they know associated with headshots. Actually it is likely that many of these permanent abilities have nothing to do with the perks we are familiar with at all.
  8. Here is a fail using the Machine Gun Turret from my recent livestream. I thought I would tinker with the theatre mode in this video uptpt8TBK1g
  9. Hi Guys I have put together a playlist for many of the Zombie related achievements in Black Ops 2. This does not include the Easter Egg which has been covered throughly elsewhere in these forums. PLg_RNyj68WsukF0oqGbHVabukQZW2FMZH
  10. Hi Guys Here is a playlist I put together for people who want to know how to build the equippable items in Black Ops II TranZit zombies. Pack a Punch is also included in this. PLg_RNyj68Wstaqbjx8g7nWVDIWFF5mGpD
  11. Grief Mode! 8 Player Zombies for the win!!!! q-PTWuWTH1s
  12. I am live streaming solo Ascension round 100+ (no downs so far) come join the stream or if you are late watch the vid rHouA2aC33E
  13. This is a newly released custom zombies map for world at war, based on the Black Ops multiplayer map Nuketown: hVEBSEDKiz8
  14. Classic mode with objective on - can I beat the beta version of the map? Part 1 BxdmpmMbYsY Part 2 9xSDHFkG40o

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