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Everything posted by Zachjh

  1. Zachjh

    where'd it go?

    makes sense now that i look at it, i know that people were deleting threads for spam so i wasn't sure thanks
  2. Zachjh

    where'd it go?

    oh that was mario kart lol
  3. Zachjh

    where'd it go?

    Any reason as to why my post was deleted? it was about super mario if that means anything...didnt think i offended anybody with it
  4. Zachjh

    Mario Kart

    Do it, there are loads of emulators for the 64. I was just playing on my actual 64
  5. Zachjh

    Mario Kart

    Is anybody as fond of Super Mario 64 as I am? I got into watching speed runs of it (or RTA's) on twitch. I am learning slowly how to speed run it and I am really enjoy doing so. This guy is the world record holder for 120-star and he streams regularly if you are interested. http://www.twitch.tv/siglemic
  6. I could go on about it with you for a long time but my views are to kill animals as needed and eat them as needed. I grew up a hunter and also grew up eating both meat and vegetables. My brother became a vegan and I talk to him rarely now...(not only because he is a vegan). I have been told all my life to eat meat sparingly and when I hunt I typically eat everything I hunt, and never hunt in intentions to not eating what I have killed. I probably won't persuade you much because in the end it is truly your own opinion.
  7. That is really good. I have seen some rather detailed ones for maps such as Kino and Five, but nothing much other than the Ascension one that you showed. Keep working, it looks like they will turn out to be pretty great.
  8. why? cuz im a multiplayer type of guy
  9. sounds good everybody. You reminded me I need to watch Zombieland again zombieofthedead
  10. Mine had its ups and downs. Went to 49 on moon and my power went out, and afterwards played some good games on MW3 and an open lobby with Way2g00. Now how about you guys?
  11. Mine had its ups and downs. Went to 49 on moon and my power went out, and afterwards played some good games on MW3 and an open lobby with Way2g00. Now how about you guys?
  12. still have yet to finish the main questline, but i am a level 59 with almost all level 100's, most are 75+ besides block (never use it)
  13. Looking at Boredom Factor, I think we have beaten that through the use of Skype. As way2g00 has said to me many times, he doesn't think he would've made it to 141 on Ascension without the support and chat we gave him through Skype. So maybe just give us a notice when you plan on a longer solo game and we can chat with you on Skype. Zach
  14. Some ideas could be: Similar to Sith's 99 solo moon run (Get a new record on no-man's-land leader boards and try to get round 99 on solo) also if you attempt this try to go to 100 and see if 100 will show rather than 99 Longest surviving streak with no power/no juggernog Longest no downs with a 1 bar connection (just for you) Highest round with a 1 bar connection For anything else I would talk to Sith, he gives me ideas too Zach
  15. You are banned for hating on grammar nazis.
  16. www.youtube.com/therelaxingend is a semi popular player
  17. My friend let me slay a dragon last night haha and now I'm hooked. Looking to buy it soon
  18. I am currently 13th in the world on PS3 for this mission and hoping to get higher as I keep practicing. I did it in a time of 20.4 seconds. Here is the image of the leader boards. Sorry I don't have a recording device to use
  19. way and I will go to 99 on der reise for you haha
  20. brains to you, nice research

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