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  1. Im not sure what I should put for the subject so I just put superhands. I want to understand why I am getting so much hate even though superhands admitted he was lying to everyone? For example I was reading the post R.I.P superhands and it said something like superhands was a nice guy that had class, he didnt just say I have 99 twice, once with 0 dows(which is what I said). Then it also said in different words I am a classless jackass. But he obviously didnt have "class" if he lied to everyone for months! I just want to understand why it seems like so many people hate me for not liking superhands but they are fine with superhands lying to them for months and they will still stand up for his legitimacy even though he deleted his videos. I doubt he will be back uploading videos and he has none on his channel, im pretty sure he is done and has just given up. So please just explain to me what I have done wrong to make so many people hate on me.
  2. Ok well he was attacking me, so I "attacked" back. superhands deleted all his videos and isnt claiming records anymore, hes done. He gave up. He didnt do those records legitly and the only people who will believe he did are his friends which is understandable but think about it. He is done. He doesnt even have a video on his channel. Its not ok for me to talk bad about superhands even though he lied to everyone for months but it is ok for people to talk bad about me? I dont get it, explain this.
  3. This is exactly why I stopped going on this site for a while. You call me a classless jackass for bragging a little bit about a huge accomplishment. I didnt say praise me, I did brag about that but superhands did the same just in more subtle ways. YOu nonsetly know nothing about superhands, you think he was some guy who was nice to everyone no matter what happened and he just wanted to help the community. What he really was, was a guy that only wanted to make himself look good to the community. I learned this through pm's and a few other ways. Example was one of my friends on xbox sent him a message on youtube saying he found something in his 374 video and if he didnt admit it himself he was going to make a vid about it. Next day I saw his post and now everyone thinks he did the right thing but all he did was make himself look good. Which he was very good at, also making other people look bad like me. Now that this whole thing is over the people that hated on me for saying he modded are saying we all knew it all along but they are still hating on me? I dont care any more, you are ignorant and thats all there is to it. If you choose to stay ignorant than go ahead but im done with these forums. Im not sorry for bragging about 99 0 downs! That was a huge accomplishment and I dont care if you guys dont appreciate me saying thats impressive because it is. I wasnt trying to be a douche but superhands basicly said I wasnt as good as him so I brought up 99 0 downs. If you can say someone who lied for months about records has more class than someone who just argued with him about whos better you obviously have mental problems.
  4. By the kind of person he is I mean, he is willing to fake one thing so I wouldnt be surprised if he faked something else. Also what do you mean by personal gain? I havent gained anything from this. I was one of the first people to say this wassnt real and everyone said I was just jaelous and hated on me for saying that. Now people are hating on me for being right about it 0_o. I think its funny how I get hate for saying something isnt real when it isnt, then when I try to just basicly say I knew it wasnt real I get hate for that to. I dont understand this at all, what have I done wrong? Am I wrong for being right?
  5. Well I cant say I didnt already know this. I have been telling people this ever since I first saw the video, I got alot of hate for saying that even though it was the obvious truth. I am very surprised he admitted this also but at least now people know he is willing to fake stuff. In my opinion if he would do something like this he would also cheat to get to his rounds. I am not sure what to think of his games though because they seem legit but knowing that he would fake one of his videos makes me think he would also fake one of his records. I know he is good at making strategies and he understands the game but that doesnt mean he wouldnt fake something, like he has already. At least he admitted this video was fake though and now everyone can move on from this and stop hating on me for knowing the truth.
  6. Like I said, your not going to change my opinion. And you are getting this very off topic, you originaly came to this post and started getting it off topic. If you want to talk about this more please send me a pm.
  7. Your trying to get all technical with this stuff like health charts and saying many other nml veterans have backed me up and all this stuff, but the truth is and this is enough to make me not believe the video at all is you cant kill a horde 6 minutes in with two shots. I played no mans land yesterday and timed it from the begining to make sure it was exactly 6 minutes in like I saw in your video and 2 shots didnt even kill one zombie! I had to put out another 2 shots and there was still about 2 zombies left. And dont try to say lets not get this topic out of hand when you were the first one to say something about your fake no mans land game.
  8. I know he will probably take it, hes at 130 by now I think. I already knew he was going to go back for it though when I started this game.
  9. Thanks, I dont want to start any arguments by saying this, but I still dont believe your 374 nml game. I just dont think that is possible, that is just my opinion though. Nothing you all say is going to change the fact that I dont believe it so there is no point in arguing about me not believing it. And dont think im the only one who doesnt believe its possible. I know superhands is a great player and maybe he is one of the best in the world but that wont change my opinion on his 374 video.
  10. This is the current world record for kino, round 188. I also got the highest round without a down for kino this game(158). This was also my first try so I think I can get 200 on this map but im not going to play it again. This game lasted 8 days, over 70 hours. AlDl49IxmaM

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