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  1. Like I said, your not going to change my opinion. And you are getting this very off topic, you originaly came to this post and started getting it off topic. If you want to talk about this more please send me a pm.
  2. Your trying to get all technical with this stuff like health charts and saying many other nml veterans have backed me up and all this stuff, but the truth is and this is enough to make me not believe the video at all is you cant kill a horde 6 minutes in with two shots. I played no mans land yesterday and timed it from the begining to make sure it was exactly 6 minutes in like I saw in your video and 2 shots didnt even kill one zombie! I had to put out another 2 shots and there was still about 2 zombies left. And dont try to say lets not get this topic out of hand when you were the first one to say something about your fake no mans land game.
  3. I know he will probably take it, hes at 130 by now I think. I already knew he was going to go back for it though when I started this game.
  4. Thanks, I dont want to start any arguments by saying this, but I still dont believe your 374 nml game. I just dont think that is possible, that is just my opinion though. Nothing you all say is going to change the fact that I dont believe it so there is no point in arguing about me not believing it. And dont think im the only one who doesnt believe its possible. I know superhands is a great player and maybe he is one of the best in the world but that wont change my opinion on his 374 video.
  5. This is the current world record for kino, round 188. I also got the highest round without a down for kino this game(158). This was also my first try so I think I can get 200 on this map but im not going to play it again. This game lasted 8 days, over 70 hours. AlDl49IxmaM
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