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  1. Bummer! Alright, I'll try to catch u on live some time.
  2. What does that have to do with anything? All I'm saying is that the picture I am talking about looks a lot like Shangri-La, with the jungle theme and lighting and everything. It also has no caption under it unlike the other pictures.
  3. instructions for using instructions: 1. Copy instuctions from place of origin 2. Paste instuctions on Word document (in destination format if necesary) 3. Print instructions 4. Scream instructions at "friends" while attempting easter egg. P.S. I scrolled really fast through this before I actually read it and was like "Holy $h!t Treyarch, your minds turned a game that imitated Night of the Living Dead into a game that imitated Saw."
  4. I see at least 2 more pages behind Shangri-La on the right side so we are beyond the halfway point on zombies (possibly) but not at the end by two maps (possibly). As for the page hidden on the far left, it's most definently Five.
  5. I saw my gamertag pop up while u were demonstrating and i wuz like "wtf?!" then I saw that u made this thread. Seriously u r my only Xbox friend who can kick ass at zombies like that. Hey can u help me get the egg on this map?
  6. Know it's not directly Shangri-la related, but it does have something to do with it. On Five in the first room I found a picture of what seems to have been the foreshadowing of Shangri-La. I don't have a video link but its in the first room on the left hand side of the door nearest quick revive, just wanna know if anyone else haz noticed this.
  7. (listen to song completely) BEAT DAT MO-FO'S!
  8. do think this is a cycle? Infinity Ward made Modern Warfare, Treyarch made WaW. Infinity Ward made MW2, Treyarch made Black Ops. Infinity Ward is making MW3, could Treyarch be behind the next game?
  9. Good point, but I've heard a rumor just today that Treyarch is in on the MW3 project, stepping in to specifically build zombie maps. Have you or anyone heard likewise?
  10. If you have read Max Brooks World War Z, you may understand this better. What if, the zombies won? What if humanity was no longer the most populous species on Earth and on the verge of extinction? Infinity Ward may be back on the reigns of CoD, but if it can't see how much of CoD fans are now hyped on zombies, then they might as well resign from the project. But they have more sense than that, so back to my theory. What if mobs of civilians (players) were retreating or advancing on the hord, through cities, suburbs, and rural area. I liked battlefield's idea of 64 player matches, and scr
  11. Nice find, wonder how big the zombie paradise will be?
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