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  1. the casio calculator watch came out in the 80's and that is when it hit its peak popularity. Marty Mcfly wore one is 2 of the back 2 the future movies . my husband and i are old enough to remember this stuff :oops:
  2. this is just my little theory on how the characters met up. i've driven the route between las vegas and portland,oregon many many times and if you start with Marlton at area 51 his most logical progression is back to a small town called alamo and then north up US 93.as i've previously stated i think he brought the bus with him from nuketown (no wonder TEDD is so "in the know"). i believe that Stuhlinger is the first person he picked up based off his quote of seeing the forest before he dies, i think he's a small town desert dweller. also i believe he is an ex military guy , most likely a POW.
  3. we also have the stratosphere here which is a huge tower and we have a big ol' pyramid ,which coincidentally i call the box because of the light space needle in seattle would be cool too
  4. besides the fact that if greenrun is in washington it would literally have to be over a thousand miles of bunkers/tunnels lol
  5. i thought avagadro only spawned whilst power is still on? or am i totally wrong? xD
  6. i thought it was the bell from the church yeah me too but thinking about it old church bells dont sound like that. its the same sound from nuketown's clock tower as well.
  7. i've noticed some people saying things like "the people on tranzit must have gone to nuketown and picked up Marlton" or "maybe he used the fallout bunkers to get from nuketown to tranzit" but i'm starting to think that Marlton escaped nt by programming the bus and picked up the others along his way. i'm thinking he has something to do with project paperclip (or the game equivalent) here's a good article about that http://www.airforce-magazine.com/Magazi ... rclip.aspx perhaps he learned from maxis how to modify people? is he playing rictofen's previous role by knowing these people have been
  8. i just noticed today that in town you hear a clock noise, like the boooong noise a grandfather clock makes. i assumed it was from the church as it makes that noise when you run past it. i havent spent enough time at town but has anyone noticed if it ever "chimes" if you will, more than once? just throwing that out there.
  9. when you get the texture glitch though only doors that can open are missing, except the laundry mat. i ran around for like 40 mins because it was so clear (no fog) and i was invincible so why not eh. i posted this on ngt's vid too, i'm not convinced that there is any reason for it just an observation.
  10. i'm just curious if anyone can make out what the raised letters on the bus license plate say. not because they mean anything special just can't make em out myself lol
  11. Miranda

    hey :)

    new here just doing the intro thing. signed up here because my friends always quit zombies on me or aren't at my skill level and i'm sick of keeping them alive lol. i have both map packs for black ops and good old WaW with all the maps as well. i prefer to use skype over the ps3 mic because quiet frankly i cant hear unless i turn up the tv to the point it bugs my kid xD anyway , looking forward to meeting some bad ass zombie players. thanks!
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