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  1. How did they get moved? I didn't even notice that was wrong!
  2. Best thing I found that didn't take 3 hours to watch/understand everything! But yeah it was pretty funny :)
  3. I am surprised at how many less experienced zombie players do not understand the storyline. So here is a quick run down for those who are confused:
  4. Tutorial for getting rid of fog:
  5. Yes half the things you mentioned my team Group 247 tried last night. We tried blowing the hell out of the generator at the power the one hanging by one wire. We tried everything possible with the bus driver. We did put 1 turbine at one of the sparkling wires but it didnt do anything. Just wanted to clear some stuff up for you so you dont go through all the trouble of doing it to be let down. Sorry if this was posted before, but arent the wires being disconnected just showing that it needs to be powered to open (turbine)?
  6. I like the navcard theory. Has anyone thoroughly searched nuketown yet?
  7. Don't just give a simple "Yes". Back up your statement with some facts and/or clues. Apparently hes "figured out almost all of the easter egg" but wont share it. Convenient.
  8. Im not buying anything this guy has to say anymore
  9. I saw this video and it made me think whether or not nuketown has anything to do with the TranZit easter egg?
  10. Oh good I was sitting there trying to find the part that was relevant haha
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