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  1. If earth is hollow, and has civilization on the inside, it would also presumably have a sun, and atmosphere inside it as well. Think of it like the earth is a balloon, and there's the inner sun, and clouds and things like what we on the outer surface see, but just on the inside of the planet instead. - but back to the original post - This is definitely a good theory, though I do believe it's been brought up before. But it makes a lot of sense; the Nazis trying to reach the civilization inside the earth to obtain the Vril power source, and that kind of thing.
  2. Its possible that the helmet there was one of the original Marines from WaW, the Black Ops characters have returned there and that helmet is all that remains of the Marines. Either that, or it's just scenery. Never know with treyarch... Cool find, though. I never would have noticed it
  3. I've always figured that the breaking roof was the gas crawlers. So, as it seems, does nearly everyone else. The flying thingie is interesting, but it's probably a bird or something. Could be something bigger though....?
  4. I just tried this when I was playing earlier today. Tossed a couple monkies by that window.... but got nothing. May have to try again later on a higher round or something. It was only about round 9 or so when I tried it.
  5. I turned Richtofen into a chibi. So wrong, but it had to be done. Ed's the only one i've drawn so far, but I'm making it my goal to have, by the end of summer, drawn Tank, Takeo and Nikolai too. edit: I did this one yesterday
  6. Rambo - the Joe Kool fusebox is nothing special. It's just something the creators put in as a tiny "easter egg" referencing a nickname or something. You can find stuff like that everywhere in MW2 (real estate signs with the developers names, etc), and I don't doubt that they are everywhere in Black Ops too. Game designers love doing stuff like that. There are more of those fuse boxes too, in multiplayer maps. My brother was playing on Zoo and I noticed that there was a box that looked like the one from Kino, that's how I found the Joe Kool thing. I don't think its an anagram,
  7. I'm trying to see if I can find any interesting anagrams for Brimstone to Damnation, however, the anagram solver i found has given me over 70000 results and most of them are nonsensical - "A Bad Moose Mint Inn Tort", for example. http://wordsmith.org/anagram/ I never noticed the light thing either. I'll have to see if I notice anything when I can get my brother to stop playing Fallout.
  8. Confirmed it. Hard to tell from the TV I usually play on, but we've got an HD at my dad's. All it says is Joe Kool, and that's in a few other maps too. So nothing of importance.
  9. I found an fuse box that is identical from the outside in the multiplayer map Zoo. Looked in the cover and all there is a hand print (not bloody) and the name Joe Kool. I'll have to double check the one at kino to make sure, but that's probably all it is. Nothing significant, unfortunately.
  10. I'm not really one for introductions, I prefer to lurk. but anywho, I'm OMJashin, 17, PS3 user, crazy cat lady. I play MW2 and Black Ops, mostly the latter. Prestiged once, just to say I did it, and I don't think I will again. Nazi Zombies is one of my obsessions. I play it more than multiplayer. I joined because my brother (beefbobjones) said I should and because I like reading about the theories everyone has. I might contribute someday, If i feel I have something significant to say. Otherwise, I'll just be lurking.
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