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  1. every time i play co-op, i try the following: escape upstairs, camp phd until power. back to phd where we both purchase only phd. we do this early as we can. survive through two monkey rounds without jug. all you gotta do is protect phd as that is the only one the monkey can go after. by the end of monkey round 2, hope you both got jug, if not, mad-dash to juggernog machine.
  2. The reason why I dislike 5 is because of the following linear logic: a. the level is hard. not a lot of room to run around, a lot of windows, not a lot of control on where you're going (warp locations). b. since the level is as difficult as it is, the only real way to survive is by camping an elevator, going up, going down, back up, back down etc etc. c. this style of gameplay gets very boring, very fast. it becomes tedious and uneventful. that is, of course, imho
  3. I think you guys are missing my point. My point is that it's not a glitch. I don't doubt that it gives you more power-ups. In fact, I believe it does. I also know that it more often than not causes problems around levels 20-25 (lag outs). but now I'm losing my own point. My point is, maybe this isn't a glitch. The fact that treyarch patches everything so quickly is evidence for this theory. They havent patched this! Plus, for the sound to exist in the first place means Treyarch made it so. No other level allows this jump over dual death maneuver. I'm not inviting a debate about whether the "glitch" works or not. I'm suggesting there could be an actual purpose of the maneuver...
  4. I literally just watched a video on youtube about this. Apparently, in COTD, if someone gets a teddy bear during a fire sale, it gives you two boxes. The video alleged both to working, but only showed one. Although, it did show in the distance the blue box indicator light, and proceeded to pull from the second box in front of him.
  5. So obviously we've all heard of the "jump over" glitch alleged to give you more perks for however long it lasts. I don't think this little maneuver isn't a 'glitch' at all. Think about it, other maps don't allow it, treyarch hasn't patched it, and when you do it, you hear samantha's laugh. If it's not a glitch, a lot of questions arise from it....when, where, why, etc....
  6. OK, let me me preface by saying I am not trying to pull anyone's leg. These are some of the things i've noticed and thought about from playing hundreds of hours of kino. 1. Lights This only happened once, and I'm not even sure it happened. I was playing split screen with a usual suspect friend and somewhere around round 20 - 22, I all of the sudden realized the whole house was illuminated - as though the lights were increased by at least 50 percent. I especially noticed this in the stairs from the portrait room down to the mp40 room, and in the dressing room. The reason why I doubt my judgment is because, well after hours of zombies and studying and zombies and studying, your eyes may play tricks on you. But, the reason why I am more sure than not is because, 1) my friend verified with me that he noticed it too, and 2) we were running laps like we always do and I remember complaining that very game how the stairs and the dressing room is a death trap because they are hard to see. I dunno, I felt like this illumination was throughout the whole house - theater seemed brighter, lobby, etc. I wish I remember what, if anything, i did right before this happened. I do know that by 4 i had ballistic, PaP'd + Bowie till 14 and got rid of it for the thundergun once single-stabs stopped killing. 2. letters and names I always had this thought but never pursued it more than briefly; the letters in the "dog room" (that's what i call the room up the metal stairs from the stage) i think are being over looked by everybody. I read some people theorize it is reference to manhattan down project, blah blah blah. I think it might be an anagram of sorts. I tried messing around with letters from the messages on the wall (brimstone to damnation, girls name, etc) but all the anagram solvers online cant handle as many letters as there are in most of these graffiitis. Anyway, I find it odd that 'Samantha' and Manhattan share an awful lot of letters. Even more of a stretch: maybe 'beware of the 6' is meant to be read like a code- which letters not to use from the letters on the floor. p.s. i don't buy the knocking window is just for effect. I think there's something goin on in that dressing room that we haven't figured out yet. Furthermore, that 'dog room' has too much equipment to be nothing.
  7. OK, first I was amused at how serious srm was in response to my post about the film reel in the mp40 room. i especially enjoyed the threat on my well being. I originally planned on seeing how far he goes with it, maybe to teach him a lesson about disparity - how when we want something so badly we'll believe anything we hear in support of it. Seeing how the topic was locked, I fear other people may start wasting a lot of time on account of my false information. So, being the somewhat moderately ok guy that I am, I will go ahead and cut the crap while we're all ahead. Film reel is not retrievable. "german" film does not exist. If I am to be banned for this hoax, so be it. I will note that I did not violate any rules as posted in the code of conduct. Maybe the flaming rule - but, in my defense, the purpose of that rule is not directly related to the scope of my act here (hoaxing, lying, etc.). Indirectly, maybe. Admins: there may be a fundamental rule neglected to be included in the code of conduct. No HOAXING, or otherwise misleading with willful purpose of misleading or misguiding, etc etc. IF I am not to be banned, i am KinoD, and I am here to stay. Killing zombies is my business ladies, and business is good.
  8. so i spent a long frikkin time in the mp40 room window next to the mp40. using a ray gun i kept blasting around the vicinity of the film reel (there were two) until it became within my reach. it did not prompt me to pick it up but i could and did. i played the reel and it played a really creepy new video i havent seent anyone talk about online. i would record and post but i have no idea how other than on my cell phone. either way the whole video was in german ( i think). whoever wants to can claim this- i just want a translation!
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