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  1. Try hitting the radio at the bottom of the staircase...... Which staircase? In the spawn? Or underground?
  2. So can we get an answer on how to restart the EE, cause ive done it once and couldnt turn it into an eclipse again to start it over! What do we do
  3. Double Tap is in the map. The easiest way ive found to kill the napalm zombie is to get him at a 90 degree angle run up to him so he gets ready to explode and then run around the angle.
  4. Not sure but like i said it corresponds to the spinning statues... If you see only one part spinning then theres a pressure pad you need to activate... Probably the one in front of quick revive.
  5. In order to get to the PaP you have to activate pressure pads around the map... It depends on how many ppl your playing with as to how many you have to activate... It also corresponds to the spinning statues. Basically, for example i had 2 ppl playing each stood on a pad til the statue was completely still and it creates stairs to the PaP for a limited time!
  6. It does look like a perk IMO, but i think the reason were having trouble identifying it, is because we are looking at the BACK of the machine. I mean its plausible, theres 2 bridges going over there and the machine looks closer to the edge than it is the wall!
  7. Ok, heres why flopper will be in this map! A) close quarters explosions (grenades, monkeys, mustang and sally, law, crossbow there was almost nowhere to properly use it on CotD yet it was there C) this map has a perfect spot in the steps leading up to the PaP D) if the scavenger returns youd probably get downed numerous times F) this is pro or con, theres exploding zombie hence flopper lets you counter act him or they took flopper out to make him a pain in the ass
  8. How is camping, a boring tactic? Yet, running around in a circle and repeatedly buying ammo isn't? Don't get me wrong, i use both tactics based on team skill and the best tactic for that map. But if you watch any zombie movie, they holdout/camp they aren't running around grabbing ammo and circling back. Think "Night of the living dead" they camped a house out for 90% of the movie and when their tactic wore then they ran!
  9. On a side note, has anyone noticed Takeo going down the water slide in this trailer? In the first trailer, he went down the slide it looked normal, but at :57 of this trailer the water is much higher its up to his chest! So it looks as if their maybe 2 slides or one slide that floods out! Just a thought hadn't seen anyone discussing it.
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