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  1. Yes I agree, I think multi-coloured guns would be nice. I also think that we should be allowed to upload images onto our playercards (maybe a special ELITE playercard)
  2. I would like to be able to make my own camo so what we look like in game isn't dictated by our Perk 1 choice.(In BO Flak Jacket looked terrible, while Ghost was cool but a noobish perk)
  3. Use your knives as often as possible in the early rounds to get more points. Find the box as soon as possible, get two powerful weapons from it and circle the zombies around the stage. Once one of you has 10k or you both have 5k teleport and upgrade. Remember all perks except Double Tap are essential.
  4. Good theory, I gave you [brains]
  5. Without a doubt we can say zombies will be more popular but who knows it might be alright. Two different devs, two different styles.
  6. Hi. I have read lots of content on CoDz and have decided to join. This is the best website for info on CoD Zombies by far. I was amazed by the detail you all went into in studying the BO teasers, so I am sure that you guys will have the answers for any questions I have. I own an Xbox but play Wii online because my internet isn't great. I think that CoDz is a great community and am pleased to be part of it.
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