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  1. this would be pretty cool, but youd have to lose perk machienes and PAP and have them all in this utility machiene, also a box option and lose the box and it would move after so many use's
  2. No my friend, not a chance, Modernwarfare dosnt come out for another 6 months, thus making treyarch's next cod series a year and 6 months away, they are releasing map packs really quick, they wouldnt release 3 in a couple months succession of each other then nothing for a year and 6 months, expect many many more :D
  3. Thanks that shows what colour for what group but how do you get into one? Im from the UK so obviously im a UK Zombie :P
  4. How do i get myself into a group?
  5. I think this is a good theory, and more likely BUT the monkeys from the last map also dropped power ups / Perks, so maybe you will just be able to see what perk you going to get, or possible the moneys spawn and when they hit you they take your perk ( turning it red ) and you have to kill them to get your perk back *Just Maybe*
  6. Did no body see the Evolved Zombie Monkies?? lol i think its going to have monkeys again because i seen them ( i know i did lol ) and it is a jungle. And personally i think that zombie on fire, is literally just that, some body has Flamethrowerd him lol. But i could be totally wrong and we now have a new boss type zombie!!
  7. The phrase "Shangri-La" most probably comes from the Tibetan ཞང་,"Shang" - a district of Tsang, north of Tashilhunpo[2]" + རི, pronounced "ri", "Mountain" = "Shang Mountain" + ལ, Mountain Pass, which suggests that the area is accessed to, or is named by, "Shang Mountain Pass". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shangri-La Its a pretty cool read for wikipedia lol, also there is another thread on here that says it means Paradise in a different language. All though Google translate reckons Shangri-La is Dutch ^^
  8. Or you could mute people, or search for another group i know it is annoying but i just avoid as much as i can
  9. Sup everyone? Ive been reading up on these forums for a while and decided it is finally time to sign up. I have found so much and over my stay here i will share with you all. I love reading all your theorys because the possibilitys are endless . Anyway this was just to say HI!
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