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  1. I think that there's a large chance there will be a map pack 4. Now, this is just an idea, here me out. This probably isn't true, but you know how they always release 5 maps in the pack? What if the last pack is the 4 classic maps and 1 new zombie map? That would be freaking awesome. This might happen, as last time I looked at the list of MP maps in MP mode, there isn't really enough room for 4 more. Don't hold me to this idea, it probably won't happen, but it sure as hell would be awesome.
  2. So far for solo I haven't discovered a fool-proof camping strategy, but in order to actually get set with some nice guns and Juggernog here's what I do: First buy Quick Revive, of course. For round 1 I shoot zombies 7 times. Be sure to shoot their legs, they usually die otherwise. I try not to line up zombies when doing this because sometimes my aim is bad and I end up shooting some zombies less than 7 times or too many times. It's okay, these bullets aren't that helpful anyways. By mid-round 2 I usually end up out of ammo. I grab the M14. When using the M14, look at what round you're on. Subtract that round number by one, shoot the zombie that number of times, and then knife the zombie. So on round 4 you'd shoot 3 times and then knife. By the end of round 4 I usually have around 7000 points by doing this. During this process, repair barriers if you feel like it. It controls the numbers and gets you a few points. When round 5 starts, buy the door corresponding to the direction of the box. Check if you have Juggernog or Speed Cola just so you know that info for the future. Once I've bought that first door, I hold off at the door to the next room(this works whether you're going in the room with the mine cart or the bridge room). Once I feel like I may become overwhelmed soon, I go ahead and buy the door. Next, hit the box once and trade in your M1911 for the box weapon. Did you get something crappy like a crossbow, M72 Law, or G11? I usually do too, it doesn't matter, don't waste anymore points. Try to hold off before buying the next door until you feel overwhelmed. Then use it. Then buy the next right away. During this whole process be sure to be shooting up zombies ever so often. I typically have around 5000 points by the time I reach the power on solo. Hit both switches, sometimes I forget to. There might be too many zombies so camp in the power room until you get their numbers down. Sometimes I buy the Bowie Knife first, sometimes I buy Juggernog first. Check your points and decide which would be the true best decision. Then, if you decide to get the Bowie Knife it's in the power room(which you should be in), use it to death, since it becomes a 2-hit kill starting at round 10. Next, Juggernog. Hopefully it was on the path you took to the power, but if not it isn't a big deal. Go to Jugg, whether that means going back to near the first door you bought, where it will be, or going to the first room, buying the door in that room you haven't bought, and going through to grab it. Build up a few more points and then hit the box and throw out your M14, and if the other gun has low or no ammo you could consider replacing it. I've made it to round 16 like this (I had 2 Quick Revives left, too, but I couldn't get Jugg in time after I died the first time). But yeah, I like to camp around where I feel comfortable, I'm still trying things out and in solo it seems I can't yet find a decent, not narrow camping spot. Random fact, last time I played solo I downed and when I got back and was on my way to Jugg I used The Fractalizer(upgraded baby-maker gun) on a Napalm zombie, but when I kicked it, it killed me. Needless to say I was shitting bricks.
  3. (If this topic has already been made, please lock/delete/however this forum deals with unnecessary threads(I'm new) this thread.) So, just like this thread for Call of the Dead, what's your opinion of Shangri La? Do you love it? Do you hate it? And why? I personally like it a lot. At first I thought it was too small, I opened up the whole map I think on my first try, but I've realized it's a nice size. So here's my list of pros and cons PROS -Really nice graphics -They fixed the screwed up way the zombies scratch you too fast/once to kill you that plagued CotD. -31-79 JGb215. I don't like as much as the Thundergun/Wunderwaffe, but it's much better than the VR-11. -Design is pretty good. Can sometimes be a pain the way zombies spawn all around you. -Monkeys and Shriekers add a nice element to the gameplay. -Random perk-a-cola locations spices things up. -Minecart(and I love that zombies can ride it with you, but not hurt you) -Monkeys are one hit kills. If they weren't I'd hate them. -Water weakens Napalm zombies. -Secret song was pretty good. -Easter Egg has pretty nice prize and sounds interesting(I haven't watched or read about most of it yet). -Monkey bombs return. -"Secret trap" was a nice addition. -Geysers are an awesome escape and nice touch. CONS -IMO guns from multiplayer and possibly also campaign/classic maps such as AK47, Stoner63, Uzi, PPSh-41 etc. would've been awesome additions. -Shrunken zombies still hurt you. -31-79 JGb215's "explosion" should be bigger, effecting more zombies IMO. -Box shouldn't be before the power. Whenever I play online, everyone just spams the box and I end up having to buy the route to the power and Juggernog myself. -Napalm zombies. SUCH A PAIN. Especially in the early rounds when they stun and hurt you and you go down trying to kill or run past them. Should definitely have less health at least. -Napalm/Shriekers aren't required to kill. I think they should be required, just a personal preference. -Not a big deal, but a "dog/monkey/theif" type round would've been cool. The level has 3 kinds of "special" zombies, I think a special round for one or more of them would've been nice. -The obvious one; no traps. C'mon, we need traps. It's not our fault zombies are freaking invincible past round 30... -Easter Egg only effects one person. Giant issue. I know you can do the EE 4 times, but it's still lame, who wants to do the egg 4 times? I think the EE should reward each person 3 or 4 random permanent perks. Although I'd probably ragequit if I got Quick Revive, Deadshot, and Doubletap. -(Extremely minor issue) Backdrop ground(the faraway forest/hills) visible from the bridge should be solid so I can feel awesome by actually seeing my M72 Law/China Lake shot explode on the faraway ground. -I'd really enjoy exploring other parts of the map, namely the cliff to the right of the bridge if you're looking off the bridge at the low lands below, and also the small temple to the left of the bridge where zombies spawn. How cool would it be if that line-type-thing off that cliff that goes to the temple was a zipline? But yeah, a little more exploring of this place's temples would've been cool. If I think of more I'll post them. Please shares your pros/cons/thoughts.
  4. Hahahahaha I guess it was a Freudian slip. No, just kidding LiamFTWinter, from the one post of yours I've read(the original post of this thread), you seem like a pretty cool dude. Also, the 31-79 Jgb215 is definitely the wonder weapon from the video, since that's the icon for that achievement. But now that we get a side view of the new wonder weapon, you gotta agree that it looks somewhat like the Wunderwaffe. It has the rifle hilt in the back and a long barrel or whatever it's called. I know that the picture definitely is NOT the Wunderwaffe, and definitely the new weapon, because you can see the ring on the end of the gun in the icon, the same ring on that gun in the video. But it for sure looks like it could be the Wunderwaffe's "brother", right? Also, since the achievement with the Shrieker zombie shows a zombie with a turban(?), I assume the blue zombie at the end of the trailer was in fact a Shrieker zombie.
  5. Ahhhhh thanks LaimFTWinter, this list of achievements you've posted is awesome and explains a lot. This explains that there will be more than one type of zombie. This pleases me immensely, as from day one I've wanted a map pack with more varieties of zombies(not like George, though, things like gas crawlers- they add a variety to the gameplay). I'm guessing that smashed-keyboard sounding name of a gun is the new wonder weapon. Treyarch always seems to give guns the most complex names... From this achievement I think killing a monkey in this level might be slightly challenging? Maybe... Oh my God Napalm zombies this is so freaking awesome. And I love that they can harm other players- this'll be a new way to exact my revenge on kill stealers! Obvious reference to an amazing song(of course, that's a cover of the original, but I like the cover a little better). Anyways, these Shrieker zombies sound pretty cool. Sounds like this might be related to the easter egg. Anyways, this list of achievements really makes the map sound epic!
  6. I still agree that it at least looks a little like a Wunderwaffe, but more "updated". That was my initial response to seeing it in the trailer. It has those 3 little bulb-like things on the side just like the Wunderwaffe, although these look a little... sharper, maybe? Anyways, hopefully it's more powerful and useful than the VR-11.
  7. In response to everyone saying the new wonder weapon turns zombies into children, could the person simply be firing at monkeys? Anyways, I hope a real trailer will come out soon.
  8. Spud

    Map Pack 3

    Gah, too bad I'm going to be gone until Friday next week on a camping trip... then I'll want to relax on Friday, and I'll finally download it Saturday, but whenever I download the map packs they take about 6 or 7 hours(not even exaggerating) to download. I won't be able to play for so long... Also, I dunno if I want the Wunderwaffe back. On one hand, it's an awesome gun that would've been great in Ascension, but seeing as this will probably be the very last Zombie map for Black Ops(and maybe last Zombie map period... think about it, would Treyarch put the same special mode in 3 games in a row? Of course, they may bring it back on the next Treyarch COD game, seeing as it rakes in so much cash... and of course, the ultimate fantasy, a standalone Zombie game might happen), I sort of want a fresh, epic wonderweapon. Oh, but lastly, the ultimate zombie fanboy fantasy: the Thunderwaffe! Thundergun with an underbarrel Wunderwaffe! lolz.
  9. It'd be hilarious if they added in the Stoner63, but when upgraded it'd be called Stoned24/7. :D
  10. A bit late with my reply, but... PROS: -Scavenger is pretty good -Sprinter zombies -Ziplines -All perks -Atmosphere -Flinger CONS: -George Romero is quite annoying and too big/hard to kill. He blocks stairs and gets in the way of camping. -I want the original characters back ;_; -Zombies can kill you much more easily if you don't have Juggernog -Juggernog takes too long to get
  11. Spud

    Odd Glitch

    We didn't kill him, like I said. We had just started trying to kill him that round with weak guns. His stagelight was still light blue. And the Sam laugh was the big clue he hadn't died. Plus, like I said, he respawned the next round instead of being gone for 1 round.
  12. Excuse me if this has been posted... So just a few hours ago my friend and I were playing CotD. We were camping down at the base of the lighthouse(We were stuck down there until one of us bought a door, which we didn't yet. We got there via the ice slide near Speed Cola). We had a crawler left. My friend had got a Death Machine, and we were trying to kill George, so he was emptying the thing into George. George was standing in the pool of water. I was facing the other way. Suddenly, I heard the Samantha laugh, like when you get the teddy bear from the box. My friend asked me if I "saw that". I didn't know what he was talking about, but I was a bit weirded out because neither of us were using the box, so the sound effect was odd, but my friend said that George disappeared. I looked and saw, sure enough, George had disappeared. He didn't drop any perks or the Death Machine either. We killed the crawler and as soon as the round started, George respawned near in the water near Speed Cola(I think). I questioned my friend, since I didn't see George disappear, and he said that George didn't explode or go back in the water or do his death animation or anything, he flat out disappeared in a blink. Now I'm sure we didn't kill him, because: 1. he didn't drop a perk/Death Machine 2. he respawned the next round instead of being gone for a round 3. he didn't explode or do his death animation, but simply disappeared 4. the Samantha/teddy bear laugh sound effect was made I'm guessing George got stuck or something? The Sam laugh leads me to believe it was a glitch, and that Treyarch programmed George to disappear if he glitched out, and the Sam laugh was to inform the player that George was purposely disappeared(due to a glitch, so the solution was to remove him). I hope that makes sense. Anyone else experience this?
  13. Spud


    Hello all. I really enjoy zombies(as you all probably do). Can't remember when I started... The earliest must've been 2008, when my friend and I would play Nacht Der Untoten at my friend's house back when [email protected] was popular, heh. But most of the time we played Shi No Numa. I remember being a noob and being super fascinated seeing my friend outside of the house... now I know it's no big deal. So yeah, then the same friend of mine introduced me to Black Ops zombies in 2010. After not playing zombies in forever, I loved it. I got hooked, bought an Xbox solely for zombies, and now I play frequently(not as frequently as I used to, though). I reckon I'm pretty good, too. Oh, and my highest rounds are: Kino: 30 with 2 people, 29 solo. FIVE: 17? 19? Can't remember, I don't play this much. Deadops: Again, can't remember. I think it was around 25 solo, dunno about online. Ascension: 29 with 4 people, can't remember for solo. Call of the Dead: 24 with 2 people. [email protected] Maps: Never kept records, I dunno. I have Nacht and Shi No Numa, and I've played Der Riese(only recently), but I don't play them much. I probably played Verruckt at my friend's house and can't remember since it was 2 or 3 years ago. Anyways, I am a zombie lover. This should be fun.
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