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  1. It can be done solo. Was it the 3 different excavators or did one come twice. One has to come at Tunnel 6, Tunnel 11, and Bio-Dome to get the achievement
  2. This happened to me as well and I think is supposed to happen. The gongs and dynamite steps have to be done during the same eclipse.
  3. I believe you only have to skrink them and don't have to kick them. I'm not 100% on this. Also I believe that you only have to shrink one type of normal zombie (Gas, either type of male or female). Now I know for certain that the monkey you have to hit with the weapon is on that takes your perk/attacks you. I don't have this achievement yet because I forgot to do the monkey
  4. Good thoughts all around, but even though it is the coding doesn't mean they will go with it. Take a look at MW2; there were MP maps and game modes in the coding that never would have seen the light of day if it wasn't for people finding them in the game files. I don't think there will be 4 map packs IMO (since WaW had 3 and MW3 comes out in Nov.). If I had to choose I would learn towards an Area 51 type map. Just kinda fits better into the 4 main zombie characters storyline and that leaf in the corner of the CoTD loading screen could be an updated SNN loading screen leaf
  5. Not trying to flame, but I smell a rick roll coming when the video gets posted. I've been playing zombies since WaW and have a very hard time believing something like this to be true. Also there would have to be mega coding done to pickup on all the "varibles" that you are stating.
  6. I'm down too. Been looking for good zombie players with mics to do this egg and other achivements in this map and playing with randoms splitscreening with no mics isn't cutting it. GT: BravesLions84
  7. Cool man, thanks for doing this, I will be sending out a friend request, it will be BravesLions84
  8. I'm looking for a CoTD Team to help with the easter egg, "killing George", and random fun. My gamertag: BravesLions84. Hit me up if you can assist with this. Much thanks
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