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  1. I've been looking for 3 other people willing to do the easter egg with me but they either don't know the steps or dick around.... ALOT. Anybody willing to help me get both Cryogenic Slumber Party and Big Bang Theory??
  2. So who all got the hardened or prestiged edition?? I got the prestige.
  3. Thank you for posting pics dude! [brains] big thanks! How do you post pic by the way? I just find the video i want on youtube, use snipping tool for windows and upload the pictures to my photobucket account.
  4. Pics delivared. "Press & Hold X to trade equipment for Hacker" "Press & Hold X to hack [Cost] Hacking.... Successful hack
  5. Just a little theory of mine that i want to share with you guys... Alright, so notice how the first in game images of the Wave Gun that we received showed the weapon being either in red and yellow or just plain yellow , like so: And then shortly afterwards we learn that the gun can be split to make a Volt Gun of some type. People claimed that the Wave Gun possibly changed colors due to the fact that it is now two guns and shoots bolts of electricity, but we have already seen the weapons combined without any change in the colors. I believe this proves that splitting the weapon does not change the colors of it at all, but only changes the properties of matter that the gun shoots, showing how they are the same colors either way. Now that we have seen the Wave Gun red and yellow people are now to believe this is its "original form" and when they see it blue and red they think that it is the upgraded version of the weapon. I say this is incorrect due to the absence of the COD:Black Ops Pack-a-Punch texture on the gun. This drove me to the conclusion that when the red is in the front, the behind gun is yellow and when the red is in the back the front gun is blue, thus giving the gun more than 1 type of mode depending on where the red gun is. Many other conclusion that have really been pulsing in my mind: 1. There are 2 Wave Guns in the box, both a different color than the other. 2. The Wave Gun has more than one effective firing mode that changes colors and effect depending on the mode. 3. The method the Wave Gun uses to kill the zombies may be changed depending on how much oxygen surrounds your character, making the properties of the gun change entirely according to the environment. 4. The way the QED "curses" or "blesses" you may have to deal with how it Wave Gun and how effective it is against the zombie horde. There are many more theories but this is just a general idea of what i had in mind. Sorry in advance if there is already a thread like this, but i just felt the need to get this out to the community and get your opinion on the matter. Sincerest Thanks, iStealth Mode.
  6. People that is not a spacesuit. I already have the WaW maps for Black Ops and that's just Nikolai's normal outfit. It is actually the prison outfit that Mason is wearing at Vorkuta, as seen in the campaign.
  7. Wave Gun is indeed Blue and Red. Model for everyone to see in my sig.
  8. Sorry to ruin it for you but that's Quick Revive, not one of the new perks. But back on topic, it's only a trailer so it's not supposed to reveal everything about the map on it. Don't jump to conclusions just yet, we still have a few days before we can confirm everything ourselves...
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