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  1. Why not a map secret high tech nazi base somewhere in europe. WaW guns back on walls and mystery box but new map. It will be sweet if treyarch made a map, a return of WaW guns. :)
  2. Wow, they look great! I just can't wait for it! :D
  3. I like the idea! It would be great if it was in zombies. Imagine, a trap that just sucks zombies into a pipe. Like cartoon style, the zombie squeezes into the pipe the trap and shoots back at the horde. Blood and gore everywhere when the trap did this. This would be fun to watch zombies getting sucked into and shoots back at the group killing zombies. :D
  4. Having a new shiny medal sounds great than having colored name. It shows some more pride that you did accomplished it! :)
  5. interesting, I didn't not know there was another jingle version of juggernog which it was removed. -Nathan169
  6. yes, the map sounds great to me. I like the idea. Picture a mansion with dark atmosphere with [email protected] guns. Sounds perfect to me! -Nathan169
  7. No one likes this idea? *sigh* -Nathan169
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold the GIANT map called Meltdown! A idea i created two days ago. It is all a giant complex base and labs in underground near the earth core! Hot Lava is out there and everywhere. There is many stairs, bridges, ladders, slides, hidden passageways, traps, elevators, ziplines, Many rooms, and Hallways. You can go anywhere but also you can get lost. Many on the wall guns and traps are available. Seven Stories of the underground base. Many balconies, storage warehouses, and experimental labs. Pack a Punch is at the 7th floor. You start the game at the Basement 1 level. But you are so near to the lava at Basement 2 level. The team has to work all the way up to the 7th floor. With rooms and rooms fill with hidden passageways, bridges, stairs, elevators, ziplines, slides, and traps! Also a new zombie boss is lava scientists which few of them come will keep trying to get near to you to attack you. Its like a hellhound round when you kill them all you get max ammo then the round is over. BUT the lava scientists are like juggernauts without guns. If you keep shooting at it, They will start increasing speed of running until they are killed. I mean they run so fast than sprinting George Romero. And Sprinting zombies from WaW verruckt are back! The on wall guns are mixed from WaW and BO same time. Also new addition of WaW guns and BO guns on wall. Here is the list of addition. WW2 (WaW) guns: Sten Gun Beretta Model 38 Browning Auto 5 shotgun MP18 PPS BO guns: Skorpion AK-47 Stoner63 Mac-11 New Perks: Stopping Power Canolider Light weight Heat Vision Mystery Box weapons are mixed with WaW and BO guns. The ultimate giant map with many guns, ways, traps, and perks. -Nathan169
  9. MP40 is the one of the best SMG in zombies but it beats AK-74u anytime. Does anyone actually use Type 100? I do use it but I don't see a lot of players use that gun. It's a great gun. -Nathan169
  10. Wow, my thread is just kept popping up. Is this some kind of party or something? Honestly, I've never had a single post that just keeps filling up with replys from various members and staffs on between one night and the next night. Back on topic, I just tried my best just inspect the leaked picture before i posted this. I've little experience on trying to make sure if it is fake or not. Better idea for myself, i will just PM dwellers or staffs about it before I post it or not. Anyways, thanks everyone for the little help there. -Nathan169
  11. Honestly , I am just getting tired of modern call of duty games. I just want to back further than cold war era, like WaW again. Wars before 1960's is always interesting and can be challegeing due to low technologies were available. -Nathan169
  12. Impossible for activison allowing treyarch to make fully zombie mode game. There will never be a full zombie game ever. -Nathan169
  13. It was Carbon's number one rule, no leaks, this forum is respected by treyarch, so we should respect them, if they haven't released something, they've done it for a reason. Sorry, but that's the way it is *sigh* life is bogus...... nothing to do about it.... -Nathan169
  14. I would use M16 for easy head shots. For racking up bit more points for short period of time sometimes not. AK-74u is better than M16, i always use it. A point making gun with easy aim for headshots. Same thing for everyone above its fully automatic. Also it did saved me from getting downed quite a lot of times. -Nathan169
  15. :facepalm: *sigh* At this time it is happening with leaks. Why is it not allowed on this site? It can be helpful to the ones who research on zombies story to see what map would be one of the next. Why is it not allowed? explain it to me please. I took hours and hours of search through internet and i kept my eyes peeled for a long time for nothing? I like to keep this site informed to know what the leaks are then members on this site can see it and investigate it. I don't quite understand it... -Nathan169
  16. Here is the list of weapons i posted in WaW section about WW1. Google the guns, you will see how interesting are they. Pistols: Steyr M1912 Mauser C96 FN Browning M1910 Webley Mk VI Revolver Nambu Pistol Savage Model 1907 Star Model 14 MAS 1873 Revolver Luger P08 Mauser 1910 Nagant M1895 Smith & Wesson Model 3 Colt M1911 Colt M1903 Hammerless M1917 Revolver Colt M1892 Submachine Guns: MP18 Beretta Model 1918 Machine Guns: MG08 Madsen machine gun Hotchkiss M1914 Chauchat Lewis Gun M1917 Browning Gast Gun M1918 BAR Semi-auto rifles: Mondragon rifle Fedorov Avtomat Winchester Model 1910 Winchester Model 1907 Lever action rifles: Winchester Model 1895 Martini-Henry Winchester Model 1866 Bolt action rifles: Lee-Enfield Winchester model 1907 Gewehr 98 Carcano M1891 Nagant Mosin M1903 Springfield Type 30 Lebel Model 1886 Shotguns: Double Barreled shotgun Winchester M1897 trench gun Winchester M1912 Browning Auto 5 It would be better because during that time, there is no defense traps like boucing betties. But it would be more fair and fun because there was no bogus ways that enemies can get you like on WaW. -Nathan169
  17. I already posted about that just while ago. But it is great and it is getting SOONER!! Just cant wait for it! -Nathan169
  18. I mean that the CoD games has been in modern eras but since WaW, it was the last time we ever had Call of Duty game that are before modern period with all of similar things from MW series. I just kinda getting tired of modern and cold war era. They should do something new then after that they go back to WW2 period. Like WW1 or something similar. If treyarch made the game after Black ops 2. It should go back to WW2 or futher past. I know this is not the right time to figure what time period of the CoD game should be after black ops 2. We know that black ops 2 will be just similar to black ops 1. I just hope black ops 2 would be the last treyarch game on modern time period once again. Just don't tell me that i should go play Waw or older CoD games. Its fun when treyarch improves graphics and releases CoD game based on pre-cold war era time period with WW2 or older time period based zombies would be very interesting too. Something like resurrection to WW2 or older era. -Nathan169
  19. As for me, i will preorder harden edition with the maps from WaW and BO 1. -Nathan169
  20. I am quite surprised that member of affiliates group has been finally posted since they were not active for LONG time. Anyways, I LOVE the ideas they are GREAT! They should be in zombies. -Nathan169
  21. Oh boy, excitement is starting up once again. I JUST CANT WAIT FOR IT! -Nathan169
  22. I have looked through internet for more information. But I did find the reveal trailer date for black ops 2 on the 28th. Google it and you'll see different sources but the same info. Just almost 20 days left until the reveal trailer. I just gonna.... wait.... a little..... while..... but cant wait any.... longer..... -Nathan169
  23. Oh Boy, The excitement about black ops 2 is getting near. Just can't wait for it.... must wait for it.... I can't wait any longer...... -Nathan169
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