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  1. SHOOT EVERYTHING. What does it mean? Are there secret rooms, or something similar. Any ideas?
  2. I think it will be good overall for us to see zombies from someone elses point of view. I hope this is canon. :mrgreen:
  3. I previously posted this in a different thread: Maybe the two boats can see each other and zombies climb from the water and onto the boat, and players from one boat could shoot and throw grenades to help the other boat out.
  4. Heh. That's an idea that makes alot more sense than most I've seen. Quick Revive is the only perk that doesn't have a switch someone has to press for the perk a cola node. [brains]
  5. ^THIS. Except Double Tap, I like the new perks alot better. Well, unless they made all the perks available.
  6. I can't think of anything pertaining to the story, but what if its a nickname for one of the developers or one of the developers relatives? Just a little nod back at Treyarch.
  7. I trust only facts, never have I ever seen any Evidence on The Pentagon thief being or getting out of Aether. Give me so evidence then I will believe you. I am have gone through all the info and facts and there is no mention of the Pentagon thief or gersh being in Aether. Look it up on Dreamland server, nothing is found on there or anywhere else. My pea sized brain can make sense of it, but I am not one to believe shit without back up. STFU I was on this forum before you and followed it before joining. GERSCH, SAM, THE PENTAGON THIEF, AND MAXIS WERE ALL IN THE AETHER. THE PENTAGON THIEF IS MOST LIKELY WORKING FOR SAM TO STOP YOU FROM SURVIVING THE ZOMBIES. IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE THAT MAXIS IS THE PENTAGON THIEF, ALL THOUGH THAT IS NOT PROVEN YET. FACT.
  8. EXACTLY. Never take anything Syndicate says seriously, he's in with PTG and Two Down, I usually steer clear of him. He's with PTG? I apologize for this topic. -_-
  9. It seems fake, but if its true, it could be the biggest thing Nazi Zombie related since Der Riese. :D
  10. I'm pretty sure this is all wrong. In the computer terminal, we find out EVERYONE besides Richtofen had testing done on them and are now brainwashed. Evidenced by Richtofen's Kino loading screen monologue.
  11. The changing color face have something to do with the rumored sixth node? :mrgreen:
  12. Where did you get that from? ^huh? They might be turning, but they most definitely are not dead.
  13. If me and my friends are playing with a noob, and he's a FTW kill stealer, we wait until he runs into a corner and block him there. As soon as zombies come we all scramble out and let him try to get away. It is kinda noobish, but if someone doesn't utilize the Monkey Bomb, they shall be corner blocked.
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