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  1. How come when you go down the zip line can you hold a minigun in one hand? Yet you fall on the floor after being slapped twice and then don’t have the ability to just stand up on your own? That you can pick people up but just stabbing them randomly with a syringe with out having any medical training what so ever? Why do you need medical atteion after being slapped twice and “Bleed out” if some one doesn’t pick you up?
  2. i noticed this to verry intresting maybe killing geroge gives a higher chance of the zombies remaining on the map to drop a max ammo?
  3. why not use the two together i mean get the upgraded VR-11 and get some one with M&S shoot him with the PAP VR-11 and ta-da insta kill nade luncher :mrgreen:
  4. no the maximum i have seen is with gears of war 2 1700 G i think. But no they will make at least 4 map packs as some where they said that black ops was going to have the most map packs some where
  5. i like him he's not that bad only thing that sucks is he go's after the closeist person to him insted he should go after the guy that shot him and if he downs him he should clam down if some one is allready on the ground and they shoot he should just get mad like you shot him when he is in the water if he was like this it would be great but sadly he's not he's like the new dog's to stop people from gliching but people still did so they made a new anti glich zombie geroge he should drop a max ammo tho if you shoot him with the pap VR-11 or at least if you kill him :(
  6. Thanx and wondering were does the Pack-a-Punch machine come in? Where did it come from and how it got involved in the story? I think Group 935 were just trying to make the gun better with simple changes that they could make a machine do automaticly for you so they made prototypes of each upgraded weapon and then made the Pap remake the weapon well thats what i think at least :D
  7. hello i am new here but understand zombies quite well with the whole back story and all and am very interested in this co-op EE mainly because why make two achievements for it(co-op or solo and then only co-op) unless there is ether a different ending or reward or something but anyways if you think you onto something with the EE and need help i will gladly help i will do what you ask and follow directions to the letter and please no bullshitting me as i don't want to waste my time with someone who has no idea what they are talking about.
  8. you know how much stuff ive discovered since the beginning of zombies started and people took credit for? alot, now im all for helping zombie communities but ive since given up doing it freely since idiot kids with machinima contracts steal what ever they can, Credit where credit is due, and as for FAME, it was my community members who found it, so therefore They deserve to get a mention. and Satisfaction? yes, putting so much effort into something and getting it right is satisfying, however i dont need to post videos on youtube for proof because i actually write stuff down you know what is missing, reading and writing. most kids and people seem to forget how to do both, only living by youtube videos and what have you, jeez this generation of kids believe unless theres a video on youtube then it didnt happen, shows how retarded people have become in 2 years and shows the state of the world when people only believe something is true only if youtube tells them so I can show you how i did it if you want, seeing as i have the ENTIRE EASTER EGG GAME CODE decrypted and viewable for all to see, you can figure it out too i'm new here but have viewed the forms for some time now i have always loved the Nazi zombie back story i never really was into the whole "if its not on youtube it did not happen" bullshit back in w@w on der rise i did all those dumb theroys just to try it i mean why the fuck not right? if it works it works if it don't it don't but anyways if you need help man you can ask me because i don't care about who got it first i just want to know more about the story yea sure give credit were credit is due but dont kill each other over it
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