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  1. Any body ekse notice on the inside Xbox trailer that dude appeared to revive and MP5K off the wall and turn it upside down? What the fuck?????????????
  2. WAVE GUN = ZAP GUN It's not that hard to understand.
  3. Just because it says only one weapon does NOT mean it isn't dual weild... It could only affect Pistols/SMGs and he cold be holding an Assault rifle.
  4. So, i was watching Syndicates analasys of the Moon trailer, and at the end there is a weird half Black ops logo and half zombies version flash super quickly and there is a crawler zombie and it looks VERY realistic and not in-game, he thinks maybe they are hinting at a movie of some sort??? What uyou think!!!!!!!!
  5. I want M60 and AK-47 in a map. My 2 favorite guns of all time... I hope there is map pack 5 but probab;y not. I want 2 new wonder weapons in the next map like in COTD and Ascension.
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