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  1. Now with Ghost, I can agree with people on that perk. It's annoying as crap, and with no way of countering it, it can play havoc for the best of players. A counter to Second Chance I guess could be...a headshot? I've noticed in games with ppl using 2nd chance, I'll shoot them in the head and they go down right off. Anywhere else, then they drop down into 2nd Chance, which I've already got my aimer on them in the first place from learning from mistakes. RPGs is a definitive answer to 2nd chance, but not reliable at all to use in that respect. But Ghost...f--- that bunch of noise, a SR71 should be a counter to that. But it isn't.
  2. I would have to dis-agree with you. Not everyone that uses the perk sucks, because I certainly don't "suck" at this game but I use it (granted, not all the time, I do switch to Marathon or Hacker). It can be d--- useful if you got a good kill streak and are perhaps one off of achieving that Cobra or SR-71, then Second Chance can give you a shot at getting it anyways, or someone reviving you so you can continue. A lot of my friends who are ten times better then me use it, and they most definitely don't "suck" at the game. And I'm not a douche bag for using it either, it's there for a reason whether people like it or not. I've just learned to follow my gun down with the body if I get even a hint that they are entering second chance, leaves less surprises doing that. Hell, if anything, it gives another dynamic to the game, make ya wonder whether they are truly dead or not when you've plugged about 5 to 7 bullets into them. And if you can get up on them safely without them shooting ya, melee them and save your ammo.
  3. Thank you for your answer, a [brains] to you for a quick response. And that's what I was thinking too, got my hopes up for nothing :x
  4. I just read on the Black Ops facebook that someone said the WaW maps are in the Playstation Store now. Is that true or is the guy blowing smoke up everyone's @$$? I'm not around my PS3 right now so can't look myself, but I know they wasn't as of last night when I was browsing around, unless I looked in the wrong place but pretty sure I wasn't. Don't flame me or anything for asking, just wondering.
  5. A quicksand trap would be cool in a pyramid-type map. That would be a fun map in my opinion, I'd play it.
  6. Yeah, there's gotta be a way of doing it solo if it's able to be done. Otherwise, you're right, why would they even build the reels in. And the order most likely don't matter either, though if it hasn't been tried then maybe it's worth a shot. It'd be hard to have them in a certain order, especially if what would be Reel A appeared in say the dentist looking room one time and then bloody Sam's room the next as physically they all look the same. But probably worth exploring anyways, if for anything to rule it out. I'll see what I can do with it as I do solo a lot.
  7. Snipers don't bother me, I'll just try to trace where they are at and surprise them. I'll occasionally snipe myself on some of the bigger levels that have large wide open areas, but I actually use the G11 versus the Sniper Rifles. It has more bullets obviously then the snipers, is pretty d--- accurate for the most part, and has the same sniper scope as they do, and does basically as much damage with it's 3 round burst (it seems anyways). Though hardly any of the maps on here are good for sniping, save maybe Havana or Berlin Wall (IMO anyways).
  8. Most likely will remain a rumor too. Unless I'm reading it wrong, how would the fourth guy teleport up to find the 4th reel if the teleporter has already been used? It has to cool down unless you mean after it's been linked back up that the 4th guy maybe goes by himself and gets the 4th reel? Regardless, maybe there is a certain order that you play them in. It's worth a shot anyways, most anything else seems to be a deadend. But I'd say that is a false rumor, but way to go on thinking outside the box though. I know there is a shelf of reels or something like that when you go to the PaP room to the right of the projecter against the wall. Maybe you pick it up off that shelf after you've used the 3 reels, possibly in a certain order or just after you've played them in whatever order. That's probably a big longshot but just brainstorming on it. Has anyone tried interacting in some way with that? I'm probably off but no harm in trying.
  9. I've only ever played Black Ops as I'm sorta new to FPS shooters (will try the others out at some point). My favorite 3 are Summit, Nuketown, and Launch. Least favorite being WMD.
  10. I haven't played Dead Ops Arcade yet. But if it's anything like Super Smash TV, which I was a hardcore fan of, then I gotta try it out sometime. Man, that name brings back memories of cursing like a sailor at a young age, and breaking a couple SNES controllers in the process.
  11. #26 Have Chuck Norris with you. With Chuck on your side, you don't need Jugg or any of the other perks to survive, they won't make it past him.
  12. Name on Black Ops is CoolKiller420. I'm pretty new to FPS games in general, but I've been picking up very quickly on everything so I'm a pro noob at best lol. Zombies is what seems to dominate my time of Call of Duty, and for good reason too (it's freaking awesome for one). I'm alright at Multiplayer, but definitely don't have a great K/D ratio (it's something like 0.83 or something like that right now lol). I am getting decent at Zombies, playing mainly the Kino Der Toten level (best solo is 19 so far). The storyline is what really intrigues me, and it's this website that got me into the whole story aspect of the Zombies mode and made me better from reading tips. Hope to contribute something to you guys, probably won't be an active poster but will offer my opinions here and there. I'm on PS3 btw and name is CoolKiller420 just like my name on here. I'm down for Multiplayer or a round of zombies. If we do play together, it's no telling how long I can hang as I'm busy a lot but will be glad to play with ya sometime, especially on Kino (it's my fav level). Well, there's my introduction and all that good stuff, see you around!
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