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  1. damn dude your spelling is just terrible but on topic ASCENSION is my highest round at 33 its too easy
  2. AK47 hands down and the grim reaper
  3. o shit just noticed the end of ur post says u play on xbox my fault
  4. im down to try this strategy when psn is back online i just hope im not the loop master(seems to be most difficult role) lol but im actually very good on kino and i have a mic my psn is MNeal_620
  5. cant 4get kowloon hate dat garbage map all first strike maps suck other than ascension, waste of money
  6. i hate crisis and stadium with a passion
  7. Never had COD4 or WAW MW2:terminal/highrise/scrapyard, least favorite is underpass/rundown/derail BO:summit/firing range/grid, least favorite is crisis/cracked/stadium
  8. i gotta say the guard who was killed with the axe by dat big prison dude who is friends with resnov...cant imagine a worst death other than maybe drowning or anything else slow... whats the big dudes name by the way
  9. the only problem wit dat is zombies wont be as challenging if ur able to stack nukes n death machines i can guarantee ill easily make lvl 40+ on any map solo if they did this
  10. yes u can everybody does it do u have the WaW maps wit slots left
  11. i think the best time to cut on the power is before the second round of dogs which is usually before round 13
  12. i jus sent u a friend request explaining the process so add me n well go from there
  13. seriously, the galil is one of the best PaP in zombies, my personal opinion
  14. i know everyone is sick of hearing bout this topic but im offerin 20 psn right now for the classic maps dlc for black ops so add me on psn(MNeal_620) now if interested i dont care who goes first, jus add me so i can verify u have the maps
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