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  1. Nah i really meant it, i even game him brains! I had some theories close to this but he explained it better than i could
  2. A post this logical and well put together deserves much more attention
  3. Also about what you said about the two living there, would that mean that sam could've maybe died in her room cause there's her regular room then the demonic teddy room. Just throwin ideas out
  4. Alot of what you're saying does make sense. I never really thought of maxis and samantha being at kino but the teleporter had to have taken them somewhere! I've heard theories of maxis teleporting to kino to show off their newly developed technology to the nazis so it makes sense that sam and maxis would be there. And that probably does sorta explain why hellhounds are at kino too i always knew there was more to kino than everyone believed, and you're definitely onto something
  5. to kill george i just ran in a small circle and bought semtex after semtex and after about five minutes he was dead 8-)
  6. first, i gotta say AHHHH THE DG-2 HOW WE'VE MISSED YOU!!!! and secondly, while you have it, can you not switch weapons or do you have three?
  7. i've been beaten to the tread :/ oh well but like i said in my other thread, theres one on top of the lighthouse near a window on the floor
  8. i was playing up before the crack of dawn and i went to the top of the lighthouse but was in a jam and i ducked and reloaded but when i did i heard the radio activation sound like the ascension radios and i coulda sworn i heard rictofen talking, i cant play forever, seeing as i have to go to school soon, so could somebody please check it out?
  9. Couldnt agree more I love that he attacks you with a set light, or is it a camera? Still amazing and definately a true zombies fan's dream come true
  10. I'm not too sure why people wouldnt like this, this is truly something for zombie fans. Its just a for-fun map while still being the zombies we love, for those of you who really dont like this map and wont get it, i'd say thats good time to use for easter egg finding in the other maps. Kino is VERY under-explored theres no way all the map has is just the films and four pictures
  11. Theres something that needs to be cleared up. The illuminati are not aliens. Alpha snake got it wrong too, they arent satanic. The illuminati were a group of scientists who were persecuted by the church around the 16th century and eventually had to go into hiding and form a secret society to be able to continue their scientific experiments without being jailed or killed. These days, the illuminati are probably controlling the banks and all that and are basically running that kinda stuff, so they're pretty powerful and scary so it kiiinda makes sense why richtofen would be involved with them Oh! And just for a fun fact, Illuminati means enlightened ones.
  12. She's at ascension maybe they're both trying to stop teleportation technology since they've been killed by it
  13. Its kinda hard to tell what it is exactly, maybe its somethin we've never seen like with soldiers in hazmats with ak-47s or it could be a hallway from five or pack-a-punch. But it also reminds me of some parts from ascension
  14. ^^^^ it looks like a hallway
  15. Just thought of when samantha said come find me, i mean gercsh probably wasnt the only one who left that realm at the end of the easter egg. Just felt i should share that
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