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  1. @CunambulaI found an error in your original image. The symbol for Envy was wrong, which you can see in the original video. See my post here about that with a video link: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/3yoj3s/more_complete_apothicon_language_image/cyf8cwr Envy as the magician never made sense anyway. But now it matches the Dancer, which is much more on point. Here is the updated image:
  2. I've added a few to the right that Treyarch gave us that you missed. Awesome work @Cunambula! http://imgur.com/HO9S0qR
  3. Aweseome catch, I only just discovered this. Help us figure out more of the loading screen as speculation for the next game: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/178522-future-zombies-treyarch-hints-from-dice-chat/?p=1722474 Also does anyone have a high res source texture of this loading screen?
  4. PINNAZ, on 11 Feb 2015 - 3:59 PM, said: More Voodoo? https://twitter.com/zielinskijimmy/status/565614080686579713
  5. Here you go: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/178522-future-zombies-treyarch-hints-from-dice-chat/ I'm going to add some screencaps I took.
  6. Revisiting this from last year to see if any new members have come across anything. Most new table top games are expensive anyway, in the $50-70 range, so I would expect this to be similar (if it existed).
  7. yourmapper

    Perk Bottles?

    I'm replaying moon to get some achievements.  I still haven't seen anyone get more than 4 perks w/o the EE, or get a perk bottle.
  8. Here's a link that works with that clip. Just saw it for the first time last night!
  9. I know this to be true, but can anyone point to some proof of this, like a video about it? I remember seeing one by Relaxing, or Tom K, or Mato or someone, but can't find it now.
  10. Now that the BO2 game has been out a while, anyone have links to the sound files?
  11. I've tried Tapatalk 1 (free) and TouchBB also and neither one works with this forum on iPhone.
  12. Hey, I noticed today they started showing up in Elite! You can link to your active emblem now: Here's my current one: Sweet!
  13. You are right, it's fake. Too many issues. Your point about the bad white space and crooked border lines is the biggest issue. Another is that the music playing is from Portal, I think, which you can hear better in the video linked to in the other thread. Another is grammar. Die and Der both mean 'the' in German. Der is masculine, Die is feminine. Only one goes with a noun. Kammer is feminine, so it will always have Die in front of it. So the grammar is wrong in this.

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