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  1. Ok, so this is a huge stretch, but, being that the wunderwaffe was a drop in COTD, it could return as a extremely rare drop for your 3rd weapon from the new perk as this is the last zombie map for black ops and i think it should make a final, fully usable, not limited return
  2. Okay, the Sparky Batteries I don't think to be part of the easter egg at all. Instead, it probably explains why the death machine was even at ascension. The Russians were probably working on an electrical way to spin a minigun instead of using a gas powered one, as electrical would be way cheaper and would be able to be put into the hands of more soldiers. The only downside; It drains to quickly. That may be why you only get the Death Machine for 30 seconds on the power up and 90 seconds on the easter egg, as you built up so much power. These are just my thoughts
  3. me and my friends didnt have everything, we just used all the explosives we could possible and it worked
  4. "Damnit, I keep forgetting to update my facebook status" -Tank (while PaP'ing, no joke) amazing technology of the 1960's eh?
  5. So I got ascension after school and got to round 14, not good, but not bad either. Later on i played a public match and it saved my highest round as 6 D: well here it is If that didnt work just go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZagRzfIqtrU
  6. is it just me or does that sound like dragovich?
  7. Well, is it? My friend said he saw it in the box spin?
  8. Don't worry, he lives in the spirit of Ben stiller :lol:
  9. I'm just saying, but, after round 20, these waves of zombies get really out of hand, taking up to 30 minutes per round as you pray for a max ammo even having 2 PaP LMG's. My highest round is 26. Anyone else agree with me?
  10. They all seem to be brand new accounts with the same name on the Leaderboard. Someone hacked?
  11. Look up Danger Line by Avenged Sevenfold, I always thought that song fit perfect for ANY zombie map
  12. I'm guessing the Bonfire sale could make a reappearance on Ascension when you go a monkey round without any perks stolen. But, to do that everyone will have to have a perk or else a max ammo is dropped only.
  13. Then who's behind Nikolai on the levitating thingy?
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