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  1. I don't think reaching rounds as high as 40 or 50 to trigger the easter egg would be such a good idea because, as previously mentioned, the average player rarely gets that high (me included). It would probably encourage exploiting and cheating to reach the level. That said, there is probably a good way around that problem with a bit of thinking (other than "Fix all the exploits", because that's a pretty big challenge).
  2. I know this doesnt't really help story-wise, but it should help as to why there are barely any answers and loads of questions: As we know, Kino Der Toten was meant to be released on WaW, but was delayed to Black Ops. Its pretty fair to say (because of the huge difference between KDT and Ascension) that Ascension was meant to be the first zombie map for Black Ops. Why is that relevant? Think of it this way. BO is the sequel to WaW, therefore Ascension is the start of the sequel (sorta) to the zombie mode. In films, although still closely related to the original, sequels take on a brand new story of their own. Makes sense? So basically, our questions from WaW should be answered, but now a new chapter of zombies has begun - so the main focus in Ascension is on this new section of story.
  3. Not everything story related has to be directly linked to the story of Richtofen, Samantha and Maxis. You've acknolodged how there is 115 in America. There are various thing around 'Five' proving they are researching the technology used within the main story. This IS solid evidence that 'Five' is part of the story, just indirectly and, possibly, completely irrelevent. The only map that has nothing story-wise is 'Nacht Der Untoten' and Treyarch even managed to put a tiny bit of (confusing) story in that in the loading screen on Black Ops!
  4. While pack-a-punching either the commando or FN FAL as Takeo, he said something along the lines of "Maybe I can update my facebook page!" Lulz were had.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TUpp5DF ... 92C58BF985 I think Richtofen's mention of 'Filthy monkeys' pulling the sleigh in that specific xmas song they made was a clue of the space monkeys, for instance.
  6. What I would like to know is how they got there. They got to deriese by teleporting (presumably Richtofen found one in Shi No Numa) They arrived in Kino Der Toten by overloading a Deriese teleporter. In the videos posted we see Ascension start via landing in a lunar lander. That suggests the most logical way was that they found one in Kino der Toten (which seems EXTREMELY unlikely.). The group all seem very messy and bloody, with Richtofen completely different, so they're must be a gap in between the two maps. Maybe Ascension will explain it?
  7. At 2:00 the player could see in colour at round 3, so it must be pretty easy to turn on the power.
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