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  1. Lol its truly alright, I only post one thread before in the past (a year or two ago) and never did it since then. So I'm truly sorry about that aha.
  2. Alright thanks, and I'm sorry about the repost. I should have looked in this a bit more.
  3. How do I close this thread? I'm kinda new at this.
  4. So I found this new screenshot on the new zombies. I did not see any thread for this. Also, right click and click view image to see the full thing (:. *edit* Also the zombies look a bit fresher, instead of the old decaying version.
  5. well it doesnt really look upgraded, you look closer it has like duct taped on and or mud keep the bamboo spike on it, just saying :]
  6. Danny says : you messed with the Mexican. That's forms his movie machete
  7. the reason i think this happens because they didnt what us to go into a glitch and have the zombies die on there own, so im guessing they just add this feature for the zombies to keep spawning when they die on there own :]
  8. Omg thats so awsome the new zombie map
  9. hmm there should be 4 reels since there 4 rooms (bloody sam room, normal sam room, docters room, and the CIA room (whatever you call that room). :D
  10. when i think beware of the 6 i think of the taco bell zombies. and i dont really understand the video just running around shooting blood stains
  11. you can just gameshare the code to the other system if there both ps3
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