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  1. Hey codz! I was wondering if any has or could give me images from the walls of verruckt, any maybe anything else that stands out. But im only requesting the writing on the walls, i just want to study them. I would take pictures, but its not hq. Unless there already is a thread just let me know. Thanks!
  2. Eh it's not the best, but I always wanted to make a few here and there //dear god...the image is huge o___o
  3. Yes! Those whispers were definitely similar to that in your youtube video! I would just say that some sounded more demonic than just those normal whispers. I did read that on the CoD wiki, however I wasn't Richtofen.
  4. Ok probably not the best topic title, but whatever. I was playing Kino with a friend of mine yesterday, round 7 came along and the dogs showed up with the normal "Fetch me their souls" quote coming up. We decided to just run around instead of camping in a corner. I noticed as I was running around with my friend, theres like these background voices, I couldn't hear them very well since I was shooting/characters were talking. Does anyone know what the voices are saying? I was just curious. Couldn't find the audio file in cjdog's youtube channel :/
  5. Juli3t here, I've been stalking this website for quite sometime, always interested to see the theory's and ideas out there for zombies. I just now decided to create an account for purposes found in the teammate finder section, haha! :)
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