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  1. Sutinen

    Will you be buying MW3?

    You earned a lot respect from me. I saw the gameplay, and it looks like shit.
  2. Sutinen

    The Monkey Bomb has Returned

    Napalm zombies will become useful here, they will blow up and burn the other zombies :)
  3. Sutinen

    Will you be buying MW3?

    Too bad I cant change this, I will defo not buy it. It will suck, trust me. Or maybe first month its released, everyone will love it, then people will start hating. Same goes with every CoD. BF3 will be way better.
  4. Sutinen

    Is it worth buying COTD?

    I might get it aswell, maybe even now.
  5. Sutinen

    Will you be buying MW3?

    FUCK YES, quickscopers can hit me twice to body now, bye bye SP. Also the singleplayer looks pretty awesome, and the weapons in MP are pretty sweet, so Ill maybe buy.
  6. Sutinen

    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Yeah, its fun as hell to read SECRET MESSAGE (your posts end was a little random?.. ;D) SECRET MESSAGE YAAAH Reply me if you saw the message.
  7. Sutinen

    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Im gonna make "IamDannyTrejo" and start posting something badass :D
  8. Sutinen


    I like the idea of glove skins. Also camos and clothing.
  9. Sutinen

    Will you be buying MW3?

    I will surely buy BF3, but about this one, probably. Lets see whats the MP like, I will not buy it if any ridiculous perks make a comeback, like SP. I had enough "fun" time with that piece of shit already. Also, if they are serious with "destructable things", I can already say BF3's will be better. I mean, how the hell they can do that in 6 months? It took 3 years for DICE.
  10. Sutinen

    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Richtofen, what about "u", "to", and "head shot", so I wouldnt call Dempsey crap at english. I also like how this thread has been offtopic for the last 2 pages.
  11. Sutinen

    Dempsey hinting at secret?

    In cod wiki, it says that the quote you heard is form finding the bathroom. I still havent found the bathroom thing, I searched like 15 mins.
  12. Sutinen

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    I actually thought about it back in january, and I think it would work great, if it would do the same thing as wunderwaffe. Like it could do the same thing up to 5 zombies. I thought about the name and it could be "Mind Manipulator" or something like that. (This could work like monkey bombs, distracting zombies from you.)
  13. Sutinen

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Round 30. I could go to high levels like 50, but I played 1+ hours straight and I was bored as hell, so I played the round, turned a trap on and killed myself. I even had a revive, so I killed myself twice with the same trap. And all the glitchers, ....
  14. Sutinen

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    You can see green light coming from some of the rooms and the sound off 115, like in the rock in Shi no numa. I know, everyone knows that. (Havent found anything cool yet with noclip.)

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