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  1. Ok, so in case you don't know already, It's been confirmed in many interviews and videos such as this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0aZYRyn ... e=g-user-u That Zombies will feature a Tranzit mode, where you taken from one survival map to next in an open world scenario. A while back i made a slightly wild guess that black ops 2 zombies would be open world and a lot of people said I was looking into it too much which i thought myself, still I pretty much right ;D viewtopic.php?t=23596
  2. I would of rather waited a bit longer and seen a full reveal of Zombies. And yeah I read the articles, Grief modes seems pretty cool!
  3. The new trailer ( As good as it was) felt more like a map trailer, rather than an entire Zombies reveal. I'll admit it their was a lot of stuff hidden in the trailer but I really thought they could of showed us a bit more about the new things they're doing with Zombies. Oh well guess we'll have to wait for a new interview/trailer. -IIvAnIMaL
  4. Pretty sure he does. Also I remember GUNNS doing a Vlog outside Treyarch's building a couple of months ago. O.o
  5. Yes that's totally true, however he might be hinting at particular game mode along side the beloved survival mode.
  6. The game world is where it takes place, that's not what they were referring to, otherwise it would mean we would not be following the story of ritchtofen, nikolai, tank and takeo, which we are.
  7. Possibly, but i don't know why he didn't just say maps or levels. Worlds is a strange choice don't you think. :L
  8. Lots of objectives plus open world equals campaign? Yes, i don't think It's been officially confirmed, but we all know it's coming!
  9. Keep in mind i never said it was a good idea and also it's just theory, however seeing as they mentioned giving the player lot's of objectives and things to do, It's still on the table.
  10. I was recently looking through some interview about Black Ops II Zombies when i noticed Mark Lamia say "The Zombies team have been working really hard on creating a new world" Now this on It's own might not be enough evidence to put together a thoery, however judging by the size of the new map (screen shots) along with people saying it looks maybe a bit to big for just one map, It's possible we could be playing in an open world type place with objective ect... Still just a theory though. -IIvAnIMaL P.S here's one of the MANY interviews a Zombies world is mentioned, skip to 3:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y-yTQtHLJE
  11. Yeah I'm quite new to this forum so i just thought I'd put it out there anyway :p
  12. Ok so I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but I'll point it out anyway. A while ago i was looking around Moon, when I noticed that the Sun, the Moon and Earth are all lined up! This would cause a solar eclipse, much like the one on Der Rise and Shangri-La! Weird huh? this can't be a coincidence, so i just wanted to know what you guys think and if you have an explanation for it. -IIvAnIMal :]
  13. As much as I love the idea of 8 player zombies, I really don't want the new characters to ruin zombies storyline. I've come to love the four characters we play as now! Adding more players would be great, but I just think Treyarch need to pay a super amount of attention to the zombies storyline (not that they didn't last time!). Also the idea of a separate story mode for zombies sounds very exiting! Let me know your thoughts? -AnIMaL

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