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  1. but why is there the swastika on it?
  2. i was playin five with a few of my friends and the box was in a room beside the power, ( imagine walking out of the elevator downstairs and turning left then right to turn on the power. turn right and exit the door and the room your facing is the one im talking about) and so i went to go and buy the box and my friend got to it first and so i was just foolin around so i spun around and layed down and i was facing a propane tank with the swastika on it. if your facing the box just turn around and you will see i think four of them. any ideas what these are filled with?
  3. if you were split screening why didn't you just look at his screen? some people are horrible liars but this person is just horrible
  4. no this is really old news, this was found such a long time ago like in the middle of December
  5. um... the cosmodrone is in ascension... thats why its in the coding...fail.
  6. well for one thing when fluffy, maxis and samantha got teleported no one knew where. also this is just a theory but i think fluffy got teleported to the moon because there is 115 there and thats how fluffy got turned into a hell hound. so after they teleported again maxis died, samantha turned into something evil and fluffy got teleported to the moon, possibly being affected by 115 even more. its just a theory.
  7. I didn't say it wouldn't be based off of a launch facility. i said it wouldn't be based off of executive order. after seeing this disappointing news i will probably not play zombies anymore because they are just trying to get money from us now its retarded. also why were you so interested in proving me wrong?
  8. OK i don't know if you even read my post, i said it wouldn't be in just the light house it would be around the lighthouse.
  9. ok so i do i agree i should have said just regular zombies but when did i insult anyone? if you are referring to the guy on youtube he if lying because he wants attention.
  10. OK so EVERYBODY thinks ascension is going to be based off of Executive order. well i think they are wrong. #1: all over the zombie maps it says "YOU MUST ASCEND FROM DARKNESS" and can you tell me what a rocket has to do with ascending from darkness? i think the map is going to be a lighthouse because you have to ascend from the bottom to get to the top which has a giant light. i don't think the whole map will in the lighthouse but i think a lighthouse is included. #2: The cosmic silver back will NOT be included, and i will tell you why. what the hell does a giant space monkey have to do with German zombies? the cosmic silver back was created for DOA only. another little thing, FIVE does not have anything to do with the zombies story. #3: Treyarch wouldn't make it that easy to find out what the map will be based on. Why do you think they wanted to keep it secret? #4: you guys might be like over this but the guy on Youtube that said he played on all the maps at Treyarch is lying. this is why, he said he got invited there to make an upcoming commercial for the map pack and while he was there he played all the maps. well he couldn't of because for one, they weren't finished yet, 2, they wouldn't let some random guy go into Treyarch and play a zombie map that they don't want to talk about. and 3, notice the date the video was posted, January 7th. if he played it a week after the game came out (November 16th) why didn't he post the video earlier? Because he didn't know anything about it until after they released info on the map pack. #5: Has anyone even THOUGHT about Kino Der Toten? there are only 5 radio messages and the last one leaves us on a cliffhanger. Ascension has to continue with the storyline. #6: i don't know if anyone knows this but in one of Richtofens lines he says something about patient 2-6. sound familiar? Patient 2-6 was the only zombie that could contain the "Precious Rock". Richtofen must know something about the Theater and what they were doing in there.
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