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  1. doubt its a helpful easteregg coz in "five" you can do this forever. because there are grenades on the wall in the basement. stuff like this takes the fun outta zombies :(
  2. i reckon, these forums are made for intelligent discussion and discoveries. not for a loser like you to insult people. you could have easily told us theres a link confirming whatever your going on about. so yeah stop being a dooshe bag
  3. i wasent trying to dispute over if its a monkey or silver back. all im saying is we've heard that there are monkeys of some sort as one of the rounds. and the possibility of what they do and what they might drop as a result of what they take from you. so all i was trying to do is show everyone the logic in them taking points from you as it relates to DOA.
  4. so we have all heard the rumour about a round similar to hell hounds or the pentagon thief. also, we have heard that they supposedly steal your perks (and just saw a thread saying they might steal your gun too) anywayz to the point, would it not seem more logical if they stole your point/money? because we do see the Cosmic SB's try to sweep up some money in the occasional round of DOA and in the gameover cut scene that damn monkey seems obsessed with the money we collected. all im saying is, dont you think it would be logical the monkeys steal our points and not our weapons or guns.. and if they do could they drop double points and possibly something else at the end of their round. what do you guys think?
  5. ok so i was playing some KINO today, after 1000 failed attempts at partying up with Korruption. so we was playing and like usual everyone spams the random box, and yes teddy decided to do a disappearing act and re-locate. anyways he moved about round 12. it then got to round 15 and i was in need of a good gun, so i go to the theatre and look at that board and funnily enough it tells me the box is right next to me... oh silly me ran right past the box. /looks to left and right several times theres NO FREAKIN BOX! so yes i soldiered on and my only way of getting random box was the for sale power up. surely enough the box was still no where to be found. so..... one person rage quit coz there was no box and everyone got downed and me soon after all because there was no random box. and if there was im sure i would have at least reached round 85, with out a doubt anywayz has this happened to anybody?
  6. im up for some hunting on ps3. GT: assasin-man-sam connection might be gay considering im in australia but ive had worse. give us an add telling me your from the forums.
  7. nahh mate, its a kinda secret thing, coz if you do that your chances of getting powerups are increased alot. but its only temporary.
  8. that two down song is shit, the one thats like eddy is a liar. no i mean the only words in it are eddy is a liar! elena siegman song was fucken awesome, and im a guy who isint into metal
  9. SwarmxofxHate, thanks for thta little bit of info about what richtofen says when you get the thundergun. i didnt know that.... well thanks again brother! :D
  10. im on ps3 and to tell you the truth im furious that we get the dlc a month later. is there a reason why, seriously doesent seem fair. but ill be going to an xbox players house just to give ascension a go :D
  11. i heard from one of the film reals on KINO, i think it was maxis??? not sure but if it is, he seemed really happy with subject 26 i think he might think subject 26 is the key to soemthing big. maybe that could be the password?
  12. Could be on to something, but i cant be sure until i try it myself. i manage to get to high rounds easily in solo, but that damn random box has never given me a wonder weapon! next time ill just try and crank the random box as much as possible. Keep us posted!
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