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  1. i cant be bothered to post it on photobucket so i'll just describe it..... its Kenny from southpark :lol:
  2. They should replace the sickle and bowie knife with a huge CHAINSAW :lol:
  3. Teleporter=a bit like FIVEs teleporters (the red ones) and you get it by killing 100 zombies and it teleports you to the Pack-A-Punch. :lol:
  4. FS could be Fredrich Steiner (dont really know how to spell...)
  5. On [email protected] Richtofen would swear in germen "Scheiße" (pronouced Shi-zer) :)
  6. That "thing" on the roof are the crawlers. And yes they do roar i've played Kino a million times and they DO roar. :D
  7. i was reading this site for awhile now and i thought lets make an account btw CHRISTMAS IN 2 DAYS!
  8. On the ipod/iphone version of zombies in the tutorial richtofen teaches you but at the end he turns to a zombie and you have to kill him, btw it is on the nacht der untoten map aswell. :)
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