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  1. I believe the monkeys do only spawn in the Start room. My reasoning is that when you do get a power up the monkeys take it back to the start room and run out of one of the 'chill' zones.
  2. This is what I believe. Situation: Richtofen A goes to Shangri-La With the gang but does not acquire the Focusing Stone, and spends the rest of his life searching for it through the eclipse and such. After a long search Richtofen A finally finds his Focusing Stone in the hands of a dead Brock (A shell after they travelled to the start of the egg again).He then creates a shrine to himself and travels back in time through the eclipse and places it for himself to find. Richtofen B then comes along and a paradox is created. Richtofen B finds the Focusing Stone easily, therefore cancelling out Richtofen A completely. That is when it gets confusing and parallel Universes come into play. I hope this has helped explain it for everyone else as well.
  3. This is making Area 51 slightly more viable as a new map. Perhaps Richtofen is trying to control this ancient race?
  4. Thank you Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls Almost a direct quote. :roll: I will tell you that this was completely coincidental. My point still stands though.
  5. yeah but a couple of the guys in ascension quote that they keep forgetting to update their facebook page. and tank's ever present beg to treyarch for a new objective. some of the quotes have caused me to really doubt some of the quotes relevance to the storyline To add on your point. Dempsey breaks the fourth wall many times. Simply by talking to you, the player: "Hey player! Drop the chips and grab me some ammo!" -Kino "Ugh we have same objective again, I'm getting tired of this, you know you guys NEVER give the community what they want!" - Shangri-La "Hey player, you got about 20 seconds before I show up in your living room and have a few words with you...or until I say another out of ammo line...get the picture yet!?" - Shangri - La "If I run outa ammo I'm kickin' your ass, player. Notice I didn't say shoot...cause I need FUCKIN' AMMO FOR THAT!" - Shangri-La
  6. There are many theories, but I suppose we will have to wait and see.
  7. Well below the far left temple (The one being destroyed), the grass resembles the Illuminati symbol. Signaling that it was the Nazi's who used Shangri-la, and not the Russians. Also. Behind the comic page seems to be a poster of some sort. On a slightly different note, could someone tell me what the noise is when you start the match? I swear we have heard it before but i can't quite pin it.
  8. The only thing that i have noticed which is odd is near between bridge and the MP5K. In the window near the gong is an odd building with four pillars which occasionally shake. i am not sure what cuases this but there may be something there?
  9. We could work well together. Keep me in the loop. I'll continue looking up these 'Ancient Aliens'.
  10. Just to clarify again for you Snake, I am including Iraq in the term Eastern. Inca Skull: North American tribe: These occurrences happened all over the world! It is no wonder why some believe Aliens have visited us.
  11. Just have one thing to clarify: The skull on the alter is not, I repeat NOT an alien skull. it is a cranial deformation, once used by many Eastern tribes. The tribal young's heads are molded into a elongated shape. These tribes are commonly used in alien theories as they do this so as to embody their Gods. Some believe that these 'Gods' were in fact aliens with elongated heads.
  12. Is it possible that in the next map situation A occurs, you are constantly teleported between different places, or previous zombie maps?
  13. Could someone post a link to a vid explaining this?
  14. Same, it was gonna be a blast. What to do... Do what i'm gonna do: Step 1:Think what i'm going to do because it doesn't come out at 2 AM Step 2:Thinks about sleeping but decides not to Step 3: Stares at wall awkwardly Step 4: Falls asleep thinking of Step 4... Step 5: Wakes up screaming "OH MAY GAWD I MISSED IT" but then realizes that it doesn't come out at 2 AM and downloads the map pack Step 6: [step missing due to killing freakbags in Shangri-La] It's sleep proof...erm...FOOL proof You forgot Step 7: Profit
  15. Would someone be kind enough as to post a GMT representation of the release time. Before it was usually 10/11 am
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