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  1. tried and false we've tried most obvious to most nonsense. I'm out of ideas until further information is possibly found/released .
  2. Way to double check [brains] for you, Ive also tried using the password datenbediensteter for all the possible logins we thought of or was connected with derriese and it didnt work either this is the most frustrating and unsuspecting password ive ever had to crack like a needle in a haystack. ps. datenbediensteter was the name of maxis and richtofen's experiments i believe, translates from german to data servant .
  3. I think this tWalker character might possibly be a login as well to derriese, because when searching through the terminal he is clearly not listed in the members for majestic 12 and has no mail from vBush or oRoppen so maybe he was the latest person investigating the zombie incident. so far his CIA pass is Radi0 and Dreamland is thanksdad hmmmm possibilities .
  4. yeah thats probably it from taking a second glance .
  5. Perhaps we should maybe start compiling possible important dates in Doctor Maxis' life if were still heading in the lMaxis direction, if not we should investigate throughly with vBush and others .
  6. Yes, but to the above are you sure it's an 'o' ? maybe it could say derriese get Rho.
  7. no further progress on my end this one is stumping me .
  8. For the record, I am still VERY skeptical that a login name could possibly be LMaxis. I would think it to be more likely that users that could access this der riese archive would be the people who assembled all the information on it. Think vBush, tWalker and rOppen and anyone else who had discussed the der riese and/or verruckt incidents. This system is most unlikely to be accessible to the apparent Deceased Ludwig Maxis, Richtofen is very questionable and most certainly not Samantha. If Mason has access to this system I highly doubt group 935 would've but then again this is all purely my OWN speculation. I think we should start investigating and picking apart every single little piece of accessible information we already know on everybody registered and accessible so far on this little easter egg system we have been frustrated with since day one. I may suggest trying vBush, tWalker and rOppen as these people were monitoring and/or discussing the Zombie incidents so we can safely presume it is in fact a possibility they had access or came into contact with someone who had access to this server.
  9. Great minds think alike, I jotted down these badboys a couple hours ago, seems you got a couple more then me though xD
  10. haha yes he is brains for Telixion [brains] [brains]
  11. Anything scientifically related I have tried for LMAXIS and DRMAXIS ERICHTOFEN and THEDOCTOR I have used the following: science ion ions element elements element115 uup ununpentium pentium nuclear nucleus neutron proton electron balance neutral neutralization rays ray 115 periodic experiment experiments investigate hypothesis (lol) chemical reaction physical combustion combustible sulfur sulfate Lead (Pb) Hydrogen Helium that is all I have tried scientifically speaking so far.
  12. Can anyone think of someone who would have access or who would have archived the information on der riese ?
  13. has anyone tried sammy ? wunder, derriese, time, science, germany, german,, nazi, creation etc . try and take into account not only the information we have specific to him but also his culture enviroment etc .

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