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  1. But your signature says you only got to 27! Cover your troll tracks!
  2. I keep thinking there is something to the upgraded G115 Generator the name itself seems a hint... maybe we find something to shoot and activate (like in Der Reise) And your right all 4 people are not needed to do the final node. all you need is 2 maybe 3 people. all you need is a Thundergun, 1 ray gun, gersch's, and the Mat. Dolls. no crossbow or second raygun needed. I think all the orb is needing is a teleport opened and lots of splash damage from explosives. (hinting that the thundergun and ray gun may not be needed either). I may try and use only grenades tonight just for kicks.
  3. The yellow sisns ARE interesting because they ALL help you locate a mechanism of sorts. whether its a lander or the centrifuge. What gets me is why is there Repair signs pointing to a lit up pair of hose attachments? Some people suggest that the repair sign is referring to the Kassimir Mechinism behind that door near the Claymore. I say that its referring to the 2 hoses directly beneath the sign that need to be hooked back up. Someone online claimed that bloody footsteps appear near the Staminup/pump mechanism so who knows maybe there needs to be gersch devises thrown at the genterator/pump... Another interesting thought I had last night is the upgraded G115 Generator. This has a scope and based on its name, has the ability to generate 115? Or maybe its the key and needs to be shot atsomething only the scope can find? Maybe you shoot the moon? (the moon does have a teddy paw print in it) thoughts?
  4. We realized this last night. All you need is for everyone to stand in one spot. NO BALLISTIC KNIFE NECESSARY!!
  5. oh so sorry mate! i just looked quick. my bad your not a dick. shapeshift insert your name in for dano. Its all gravy! send me a friend request if your on XBL today I wanna try this again!! GT: PiousEyes
  6. @Xieon your probably right but if i could at least re create it then we would know it wasn't an intermittent happening. Or a "one off" as we mechanics say.
  7. TheonlyShapehifter was the one calling me a lair. I'm Dano. I posted the 2 orb experience and will defend it forever!
  8. the story isn't better because I'm not making it up. We had no plan after getting the death machines so I didn't have my iPhone ready to take a pic. I'm going to try it again today the same way that reproduced the 2 orbs. I know what I saw and you can get on live and ask me all the interrogative questions you want but me (PiousEyes) and Evilandarkness both saw it. I have no reason to make this up. I'm 26, and I'm a Chair Lift mechanic with a gaming habit. i fix xboxs on the side and know a thing er 2 about electronics. Fuck the code it's not conclusive. We both saw it from 2 differnt angles. And if a Character comes later named Jenny I'm gunna say i told you so. Again all i want is someone else to try to reproduce this too. Our experience: we spelled I.L.U.N.A, only had one Ray gun, one thunder, we threw 2 gersch devices and all three dolls. I jumped into the hole, teleported close by then ran back. Try that and see if you get the 2 orbs. It could have been a glitch but I made this account just so I could let you all know what we saw. I'll try it again with my camera ready but the first attempt last night didn't get it.. Send me a pm or friend request and I'll talk to you one on one. I'm not a little bull shittn kid lookin for "brains" or credit. Just hooked now that we saw something new. I have the day off so im gunna be online.
  9. Me and my buddy are about to try it again the same way that produced us the 2 orbs. they were about 3 feet apart and one was about 4 feet higher than the other. Gamer tags: PiousEyes & evilandarkness
  10. Yes but that's just the second node that you need all 4. He's saying you dont need everyone around for the final step. since you only need a ray gun, thunder gun, gersch, and dolls.
  11. I'm gunna prove it by tonight hopefully. join my games and help me I'll prove it to you.
  12. Ya There were 4 of us. One threw gersch and shot thunder, one just stood and watched, threw grenades then shot ballistic knifes, I just threw Mat. Dolls, and the fourth guy shot the upgraded ray gun. so you may only need 3 people at that point. leaving someone else to find an object? I don't know. You still need 4 for the button node so... I'm positive i saw 2 orbs so is my buddy here are our gamer tags PiousEyes & evilandarkness we need 2 good players to recreate this and get photos. we are in our mid 20's and dont have a reason to spout bullshit. we just are convinced that as of now there is more to this. (prior to any future update).
  13. Ya thats been noticed already.. interesting but inconclusive. We can also spell : Samantha, and Illuminati :)
  14. Not sure what it ment or how it happened but me and my buddy both saw 2 orbs float away after we shot all the upgraded weapons at it. All we did different was we threw 2 gersch devises at the orb, we had no crossbow, and I threw all three dolls. Also I jumped into one of the gersch devises right at the end. I appeared near staminup and rushed back to the junkyard to see 2 orbs. Yes 2, floating away. I also could have sworn I herd my character (the russian) say "Jenny!" after I appeared near staminup. That was my final node experience. Anyone else see 2 orbs?? EDIT: 2 more things We did different. We accidentally picked up the letter "I" first when trying to spell LUNA. So it came out: I.L.U.N.A. (could be insignificant) We also only shot one upgraded ray gun into the device! So really all you need is: -one upgraded Ray Gun -at least one Gersch Device (we did 2) -upgraded thundergun -Mat. Dolls (We also threw grenades, I jumped into second black hole, and one player shot upgraded ballistic knifes into it for kicks.) end result: 2 Orbs floating away and soon after we were given the death machines. I will try the same steps verbatim later and post a pic.
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