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  1. Why not post in the thread about that then, rather than making a completely new one?
  2. It's a shadow. Birds fly but the shadow remains on the ground/wall. It can be seen in water, but won't get wet due to it being a figure of (a lack of) light. Naturally, you can't see shadows that well at night. Your shadow is a part of you. Shadows appear to follow and lead you as you pass by lights. It's always darker than its surroundings. It goes behind the object, so it appears to "flee" the light source. If there was no sun, you would not be able to naturally see your shadow. EXCELLENT FIND! [brains] This could once again be interpreted as Samantha literally shadowing the group, particularly Richthofen as well all know. She's a spectre that leaves no trace that she was ever there, but if you simply look for it, there it is.
  3. If you open up a lot of doors in a row from the spawn, you get to the teleporter. (don't worry there is only 2 possible paths and both lead to the teleporter) The teleporter is in a big theatre room. The mystery box appears in random locations.
  4. Hahahah I know exactly who you got this information off 8-) , anyway, CWZGUTCT decoded to Peter, HVZJZGUZGTTYKPJERTTQTX decoded to Tank Dempsey and the other big blob of ciphertext decoded to "Signed Cornelius Pernell." Just to clear that up :)
  5. Creative critisism here, I'm sorry to just see the negative side of things, but it's what I do. I doubt Treyarch would bring a religious figure such as The Devil into the forefront of their videogame.
  6. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU You, sir, are a genius.
  7. Lets compare this to the traditional story... (Careful, wall of text approaching) Eight marines were sent to Verruckt to pick up Peter in two planes. One plane crashed and landed at a nearby airstrip which was conveniently also full of zombies. This is NDU. The other four, including Tank Dempesey, made it to Verruckt but were overwhelmed, as they did not expect zombies to be there, just 935 scientists. All marines but one died, that one is Dempsey and I believe he was captured by and escaping 935 scientist. Once captured he was paired up with other subjects (Nikolai and Takeo) and Richtofen was told to look after them: (Thread:http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3568) “Experiments ongoing. “Observed a new effect “As a result of experiments. “Dr. Edward Richtofen as witness “Outlines as follows: “Tank Dempsey “Nikolai Belinski “Takeo Masaki “Subjects display unique “Side effects “Compared to previous “Subjects. “Baseline psyche remains “Intact, “But all specific memories “Have been lost. “Dr. Richtofen will continue “Observations. Now, Richthofen kills Maxis and Sam, and who knows how they get to Shi No Numa. So the traditional story line has more holes than this new one you're offering.
  8. In the dreamland server (look here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3568) It states that Tank, Nikolai and Takeo were all test subjects and suggests that Tank was captured by 935 agents at Verruckt. It also indicates that they lost all previous memories while maintaining their persona. Sir, it is VERY possible.
  9. worth a try. I'll give it a go in about a half hour. :)
  10. type in DECODE then type in the ciphertext. For example if my ciphertext was CKGHHHHFDFHGBMAS I would type in DECODE CKGHHHHFDFHGBMAS I'm really interested in your finds here :D
  11. RLOGIN VERRUCKT (someone found by guessing, no passwords or usernames found) RLOGIN DERRIESE (someone found by guessing, no passwords or usernames found) RLOGIN DREAMLAND (found through JFK's and Vannevar's emails on the CIA server) RLOGIN DOD (Department of Defence, no passwords or usernames found, no idea how they found it) hope that helps :)
  12. honestly thank god someone made a thread about this, but remember, Ludwig maxis was around in a time when computers didn't exist. So why would he have a password and username to a CIA controlled server called Der Riese. Just asking...
  13. I'm guessing that in RLOGIN DERRIESE that LMAXIS will be one of the LOGINs. password though... :S
  14. Warning eh? a bit of an understatement methinks cheers guys. But can anyone see what the second line says or even offer an explanation why it is in Russian? :S
  15. Along the left side of the thundergun (facing the player) it says something in russian :S look for yourself: I can't make out the second line, but what i can make out on the first line (i think) is: "Oстepeжение" If anyone can read russian, or have the correct (because I'm always wrong about these kinda things) text, would be greatly appreciated. Could perhaps provide some background for the thundergun. PS sorry for the big picture. :S
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