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  1. What are we supposed to discuss? :roll:
  2. Actually, that was quite awesome! :ugeek:
  3. Is it just me that frikkin' hates it when they reuse the names and skins, but not the ''person''?
  4. Erkan


    I get how you worked out thepassword, but how did you solve the name? Stuff like this is fun, got here to late tough, would be awesome if you did some more carbonFISH!
  5. I think it's like a stun, one thing that's certain is that the screen gets blurry. In this multiplayer footage: http://www.gamespot.com/shows/now-playi ... ps20101101 they show what happens when you get hit by a nova.
  6. Didn't he say assault rifle? :P
  7. How many copies of MW2 has been sold then? I preordered my copy just four days ago, I sure hope I'll get it in time for the release. :shock:
  8. Luckily I haven't seen any major spoiler, just one thing that kinda wasn't even a spoiler, hehe. Tough it was for me. :/ :facepalm:
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