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  1. ive played 3 games and it doesn't show it or those 3 games in my recent history is their a way i can recover it?
  2. lol how funny i have had one go through my legs bank and go over my head and kill a teamate lol i wana upload that if possible.
  3. Rep for you good post i was curios :)
  4. ----Like---- The new gun attachments The new cod points systems ---dislike--- Not much lol But i guess i can think of one thing i suppose it will be...... Two camels in a tiny car... lol i really have no dislikes -_-
  5. I withdraw all my statements i can quick scope fine close - medium range. But i still believe that people shouldn't badmouth it since everyone likes to play differently its a game and made to be fun and to some QS is fun and to others noobtoobing is fun but what ever works for you is what you should do.
  6. SqaidSquad


    Lol has anyone noticed the spawn in nuketown how the enemy spawns on your side of the map almost every time? lol i cant figure out if its preset or a glitch what do you think.
  7. Over all it was still nice to see reznov again since waw but the game did have alot of sad moments but over all the campaign was wonderful R.I.P Woods and reznov I mean reznov died at the very beginning of the game in veracdua and since manson thought he was reznov i forgot that he died lol and when they went to kill steiner it showed manson killing steiner as he called himself reznov i cried a lil XD
  8. I never said the game sucked i mean its badass but im just saying when you go into scope it shakes really fast then stops i guess adding a bit of realistic feelings. but still quickscopeing to me is a big part of cod just because some of people dont like quickscopeing doesn't mean it's a bad thing.
  9. Well i am going to make a sectioned list from likes - dislikes if you have something to say post below i enjoy hearing other opinions. -likes- The graphics are good. The new perk and gun system is very interesting. the new guns and attachments are a very good step forward. Gun game,Sticks and stones,One in the chamber are a very good idea but if you ever played counter strike you know where gun game came from . Dive to prone has been helpful lol -Dislikes- the sniping is so jacked the quickscopeing sucks but still do-able but its not all horrid so this is a neutral thought. but either way i still got cod4 and waw to QS is so its ok i suppose. And the worse thing ever!!! the terrible ever so annoying squeakers! Well damn lol that's the only dislike i can really recall lol but please post yours below.
  10. No underaged reporting since as long as a parent or guardian gives permission to the consumer then its ok.
  11. Wow thats actually very fascinating i also have a vast interest of these things good find.
  12. 1. not on xbox the jtags have not been patched 2. not really overpowered and it has very good additions to the game 3. i do not know any or have heard of any 4. i have no experienced this.
  13. So far the only level on vet i find hard is the one where your in Nam lol but i got by.

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