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  1. I was attempting the easter egg with a few friends the other day and the vodke didn't appear like it was supposed to on the corner of the railing by the lighthouse. I was sure that I had done everything right so I was convinced that it was somewhere else on the map. I ended up finding it later on hanging from the bridge from the back part of the ship that you jump off of to get to the front part. I don't have a picture to prove it, but I haven't seen anyone else talking about this other location. If there is another board about this, sorry.
  2. Me and my team have done that. There's nothing special about the Monkey Round, we ran around the entire map. I have to admit, they're really hard to kill with the DMS.
  3. Find out what perks everyone has, split up. The people who have crappy guns guard places that are less important but close to people who have good guns.
  4. A Nazi Zombie game would be nice. Not an actual game though, just 1 disc where you can have all the Nazi Zombie maps right there.
  5. What if it's most blood to least blood? Like as they were pressing the buttons, the blood on their fingers was coming off on the buttons. But it's just as likely least to most. Loosing more blood from their bodies as they were pressing buttons.
  6. I can play too if you ever need someone. GT - DallyDanielle
  7. Step 5: Skewer the winged beast / ? Fly the Lunar Landers and spell LUNA in the sky. But maybe you could spell something different for that step.
  8. Since the Death Machines you get when you complete all the known power node steps say sparky, maybe they have some kind of electricity in them. Has anyone thought about throwing another Gersh Device before you actually get the Death Machines and all shooting it?
  9. Well, wait before everyone blows off Mr. 'Dragunov and Death Machine's wont reach'... What if Treyarch just threw the death machines in there to throw us off, or give us time to get to all the objects. Has anyone tried having everyone shoot all 3 or 4 objects with an upgraded ray gun or something?
  10. I've done it with those boxes before that are inside the map.
  11. Yeah, I figured some people had known about it. But I hadn't seen any boards pointing it out so I thought I'd mention it.
  12. I tried throwing a Gersh Device at the transformer for part one of the nodes, but kinda over threw it and it his that large boxy thing behind it. When it hit it, it just went through and Sam laughed and little lightening bolt flew out. It happens on any of those large things like that.
  13. The last word that Mason says before the end of the game credits is Acension. I just played through, for the first time and right before the credits he said it. I don't know if it means anything, but it could, I just thought I'd point it out.
  14. It had to be time travel... There are phones with JFK talking that you can find, and Kino was based before JFK.
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