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  1. no one will ever be happy with anything...just play the damn game and enjoy it...seriously!!!
  2. i replied to another post of yours..im down though..add me and we will try to figure it out. GT xTastinGJoinTx
  3. its not working for me..im on windows 7. just shows codz chat logo. im so excited its back though...hope i can get it to work!!! *nevermind haha got it!!
  4. its really pointless for them to not release the classic maps for download. i bought the hardened edition but none of my friends got it so the classic maps are pretty useless to me right now. Its not unfair to the people who bought the hardened edition..it like how the map packs come out first on xbox..its just marketing to make one version or console seem to have the upper hand when in the long run everyone gets it..so why can the classic maps not be treated the same way? mortal kombat had several different costumes for charachters and you could only get one depending on where you preordered from..only to put out and dlc pack that contained all 7 costumes..would you call that unfair to the ones who preordered say at gamestop and only got one costume..no because now EVERYONE gets to enjoy them all and not just one!! activision could learn a lesson there!!!
  5. Dude this is wrong you dont need to hold x - there is a pressure plate at the bottom of the slide and all 3 need to be stood on it then the fourth go down the slide as you said but when he hits the bottom he activates the pressure plate as the added 'force' from sliding down the slide makes up the weight. so dont need to worry about holding x. [brains] though for writing up the steps No, he's completely right, when you go down the water slide, there is a switch you have to press X on, trust me, I have video evidence. sorry bout that one. i thought u had to press x haha.
  6. shangri la easter egg steps. 1.In the starting room once the power is turned on, there will be four dials each on their own wall by Quick Revive. When all four players press 'X' at the same time, time will distort, causing the players to be sent into the past (proven by some of the things the character says), the moon to eclipse the sun, and a giant 115 meteor to rest above the temple in the spawn area. 2.Near the MPL, there appear to be two characters locked in the locked area behind the weapon. A button must be pressed, similar to those near Quick Revive, in order to get them talking. They want the players to set them free, similar to the Original Characters Trapped easter egg. After they finish their dialogue, magical plates can be found scattered all over the map if done right 3.After activating the switch from the previous step, several panels will appear along the area on the bridge, near the rotating statue and the area which contains the MPL, somewhat perpendicular to each other. The players have to make them all disappear to complete this step of the easter egg. At first it seems confusing but the method is simple. On one side, one player stands on a plate and tells another player what the symbol is. That player then steps off the tile whilst the player in the other area searches for the matching plate. Once the pair are found both players step on and those plates disappear. Then simply repeat for every other one until all plates are gone. If a pair is incorrectly matched all plates will re appear and have to be paired up again. Also note that if a player stands on a plate whilst the other checks for a match, all symbols will change to a different plate. Note that this must be completed in 4-5 minutes or players will return to the present and will have to start over again. The following are known symbols to appear on the tiles: ■A Female gender symbol. ■3 Short straight lines intersected by a long straight line. ■A Diamond outline. ■A star the looks like a asterisk (*) ■A crescent moon ■A Circle with a straight line cutting it in half. ■A Circle with a small dot in the middle. ■3 Dots arranged in a triangle. ■A Triangle outline. ■A "D" shape ■A "T" like shape that has a line through it. ■2 arcs crossing If done correctly you will hear a sound and a crystal ball will appear on top of the MPL boulder 4.Go down to the Water Slide, but do not move from the bottom. With three players standing on the pressure plate, have the fourth take the slide. He will activate a switch on the way, which will send the players back to the present if done correctly. 5.Go to the waterfall, there should be a diamond on top of the waterfall. It can be knocked down with an explosive or a Ray Gun. When it's on the ground, shoot it with the 31-79 JGb215, it should shrink. Knife it and it goes into the slide to the water sprout. The players must launch the diamond with the water sprout and it should land on a tower. A new diamond should spawn, indicating that the step was completed successfully. 6.The players now have to go to the tunnel that has a pressure plate in a crevice. Next to the pressure plate needed to access Pack-a-Punch, there is a tube. The dials have to be turned 3-4 times, until the characters can be heard talking about the spikes receding. If done correctly, along the walls and ceilings there should be several gas leaks, starting from the MPL entrance all the way to the power room. And when your character passes through there, you can hear them coughing. 7.To complete this step, there must be a calm Napalm Zombie present. The players have to walk through the tunnel, luring the Napalm Zombie from the MPL entrance through the cave and setting the gas leaks from the previous step on fire. If done correctly, when the players return to the crevice and the tube, the lever next to it will be able to be activated. Do so. When the characters start talking about the floor being covered in lava, this signifies that the step was successful. 8.The players must travel back to the past for this step. In the tunnel with the MP5k on a board, there are now 4 holes on the side of the tunnel. The holes must be plugged with Spikemores. The best way is to lure crawlers, or your previous Napalm Zombie, towards the tunnels and place the Spikemore facing the holes, so that the Punji spikes get lodged into the holes. After this is done, the players have to go to the bottom of the waterfall. On one side of the boulder in the center, there is a brick wall, with a brick sticking out saying "Do not hold X". Hold "X" and the players will return to the present, signifying that the step was successful. Also, a new diamond will appear above the mud pit temple. 9.The players have to go the past again for this step. There are 12 panels spread around the spawn area, the mudpit temple, and the mine cart area. It is similar to Step 3, except of stepping on the panels, they must be knifed. When all 12 panels have been lit up, over by the mine cart gate, out of bounds, a snare trap can be seen. Blow it up with an explosive, such as a Monkey Bomb. If done correctly, the characters will say that it has worked, and the players will return to the present. 10.After completing Step 9, there is a radio found near the Minecart gate on a barrel, stating a code, which is "16, 1, 3, 4". Players have go into the past for this to work. After going to the past, players will have to go into the mudpit temple and set the dial to their corresponding numbers. After this is done, the characters should say that the code worked. If done correctly, a diamond will appear above the mudpit temple, signifying that the step was successful. 11.After the previous step, in the present, by the right side of the stairs leading up to the Pack-a-Punch Machine, on the floor by the statue the players will find a radio. The message says that Brock lost his bag of Dynamite somewhere while being chased by zombies. The players have to find the bag of Dynamite. To obtain the dynamite activate the four gongs which create a ringing noise. Each diamond should light up with a harmonious sound playing. If the diamonds flare red you hit a wrong gong. Now go to the diamond next to the mine cart geyser. You will see the dynamite hanging off it. Shoot the diamond with the upgraded 31-79 JGb215, a signal will be sent from the diamond to the others, eventually hitting back, knocking off the dynamite. One player must catch the dynamite. If you miss it will not be in your inventory and time will go back to normal. You can, however, retry. 12.Once the dynamite is obtained, activate the gongs at night, and then shoot the pole above the mud temple with the upgraded 31-79 JGb215, this will make the meteorite shrink. 13.After the last step, go up the Pack-a-Punch Machine, go past where it should be. The player will find a hole in the wall as far back as they can go. Put the dynamite through the hole, and step back. Once the wall has blown, retrieve the Focusing Stone. The player who takes it will receive all seven perks at once. These perks are also permanent and persist through being downed. The easter egg is over. Credit to Callofduty.Wikia.com
  7. oh my god this dudes the harold camping of CoDz. trying to convince people of something that just isnt going to happen. srry dude...easter eggs over.
  8. i gotta say ghost and roach. it bothered me to see ghost especially get such a dishonorable death after they had used ghosts image for MW2 so much. its like hey heres one of the star charachters of this game and everyones gonna like him, but at the end of the game hes gonna get shot in the head and set on fire..it was stupid and it pissed me off.
  9. yea it was a good game. we got pretty far with a random and little help from spliff so yeah, we definitley gotta kill some more zombies together.
  10. its cool if ur 14 i dont care i just mean that most randoms u find online are 10 yr olds who act stupid. as long as u can play it right and aim a gun were cool bro.
  11. ive been looking for a good team myself to do this. i have done it twice with different sets of people and i know exactly how to do it all. my gamertag is xTastinGJoinTx. i have a mic, im 21 not a 10 yr old, my highest on ascension is 30. im usually on all night and usually always up for zombies, especially for doing the easter egg.
  12. ok guys thanx. ill be on tonight and ill probably add you guys then.
  13. 30 on ascension with 3 people, started with 4. 25 on kino with 4. 32 on der riese with 4. i only "double posted" because i forgot to say that in the first post and i also forgot the edit button so plz excuse my ignorance haha. i also know the mystery man easter egg is old news but i would still like to do it a few times and see everything for myself, sorry if that sounds noobish i just love stuff like this in zombies and ive only done it once so yeah.
  14. srry for ranting im just really aggravated with this crap. and on a side note im from kentucky and i have a country accent so if you are just gonna make fun of me and act stupid dont bother adding. i just want some cool, mature people to play zombies with.
  15. gtag is xTastinGJoinTx. every time i go to play ascension or any zombie map for that matter i find a room full of splitscreeners or no mics or 10 year olds. im sick to death of the randoms on xbox live. I need 2 or 3 dependable people who are willing to play zombies alot. 2 or 3 depending on if my brother is on with me or not. if u wanna play some zombies and help me do this damn easter egg ive been trying for so long to do but cant, due to the douche bag randoms on xbox live, add me and i will def be on to play tommorow night and most every other night. thank you for your time.
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