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  1. I Can't believe that Black Ops is so close to coming out now! who's excited?
  2. There would be no point, putting out a zombie trailer on launch day.
  3. Quick Scopers aren't 'talented' me and my mate quick scope each other in private matches and we picked up on what to do in like 30mins, and i just think it's lame, i prefer to snipe like a proper sniper, i don't really care if people quick scope tho... coz in the end i'm still gonna PwN them :P
  4. I'm gonna be waiting at Tesco for hours so i can be first to get it, then i'm running back home haha :P
  5. Teddy bears have been in every call of duty game.
  6. I'm Gonna do SP on Veteran Difficulty first then just gonna play Zombies for ages and ages then, do a lil bit of MP, but mostly Zombies :D
  7. CoDz: L33t999 PSn: L33t999 Time Zone: GMT
  8. Hey Guys, i got bored so i watched a documentry about The Flytrap and Die Glocke again, and decided to find The Flytrap on Google Maps lol so if anyone wants to go there you will know where to go.. if you want to check it out for yourself go on google maps and type in 50.628653,16.494073 in the search bar and it'll will take you to it and remember to zoom in so you can see it.. i think it's pretty cool and want to go see it :P
  9. L33t999

    Group 935

    Yh i didn't like mean linking directly to the bible it's just i was going for the idea that numbers have meanings and i agree possibly more scientific, i should have said 'biblical sounding references' :P
  10. L33t999

    Group 935

    Hey Guys i've just been wondering why Group 935 is named that? i couldn't find a post on here saying anything but if there is please link it if possible but yh i decided to look into it myself and found a indirect link to the biblical type writing on the walls in all the maps like 'Salvation lies above' for instance, because i'm guessing they didnt just go 'hey lets call our group 935' but yh i found out what the biblical term for each number was and it's kinda interesting but may just be a wild shot in the dark lol 9: Means Judgement or Finality 3: Means Divine Perfection or Approval 5: Means Redemption or Completeness And if you look at these meanings it is kinda what the Nazis Where trying do do during the war like creating a master race and stuff, tell me what you think or tell me if i'm just crazy and if you think i'm on to something don't forget [brains] thanks guys :)
  11. I'm sorry you had cancer and glad you are cancer free now, my aunt is a cancer survivor aswell but... Why would even consider doing that, why exploit you having cancer? that's fucking cold.... grow up..
  12. 1. Really Unbalanced Weapons 2. Commando 3. OP n00btubes 4. Heartbeat Sensors 5. Glitchy Maps 6. Biggest Camping Game Ever Created 7. Spec Ops Mode 8. One Man Army 9. Gay Spawns (Half The Time i spawn with an enemy standing behind me) 10. Rust, Derail. 11. Recycled Map Packs at high prices 12. IW didn't listen to the community.. Some of the many EPIC fails in Modern Warfail 2.
  13. ahh i see never mind:P just thought i'd post it just incase:P
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