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  1. Off-topic: Whats up with the color dude? On-topic: I just the pentagon theif was based around daniel clarke......thats all :P
  2. leredspy


    ooooooooooooooo golden? nice..... I still want the hardened edition.
  3. Then whats with the russian writing on the thundergun?
  4. We can expect a Robo-gaz or a Robo-ghost or even Robo-Dimriti! (I hope i spelled his name right D:)
  5. welcome to the forums, yes we have found out that out, but thanks!
  6. yea i went there too and i hear it, at first it sounds like footsteps getting louder then it goes to some wierd backround music... it isn't creepy like zombies, but verrrry ominous... :shock: :? What did i tell you, it had eerie music XD
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