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  1. look, sorry for the misleading (kinda) name, :oops: watching the Xbox screen thingy..whatever it is with the new video, i saw this: Thoughts? P.S, sorry if thishas been posted :I i hardly ever use search....iprobs should though :mrgreen:
  2. ok, so you guys probs think "forget about what D-BLOCK said!" or something like that....but he said WATER, Riiiggghhtt? and at 0:45-46ish they're spawning outta the water like in Shi No Numa... Thoughts?
  3. HOW DO PPL SAY THEY ARE BETTER THAN EACH OTHER??? Black Ops and MW2 are both using the same engine..... the only reason i play Black Ops now, is because all the people with aimbots are on MW2. i know 3arc listens to their people, but everyone played MW2...so why are people bagging it? and as ever... STOP FLAAMING!!!! :facepalm:
  4. To all the guys saying he's a liar and "Ascencion is in Baikonur Cosmodrome" well, Dan Bunting (look him up if you don't know who he is), on said that "Stadium" is actually in North-East USA, Not Munich, so all the other facts MIGHT be false aswell. Credz to SHORTZ for teh infos i'm not saying i believe D-BLOCK, but i'm not saying he's a liar.
  5. Actually, you just go into Download History...i think I got there from the xbox middle button...what's it called again?
  6. 34 solo, 26 3 players then the zombies at my [brains]
  7. it's happened to me a few times.....it's great in Knife Only games of zombies because you can knife REALLY quickly.... at round 11 i managed to kill the last remaining zombies of the round (everyone else died) and it took a really short time. also, your arms don't glitch, someone said i looked like i was defusing a bomb (that wasn't there) with a floating bowie knife.
  8. SO TRUE, Carbon!!!! don't you want more ppl to join CoDz? :lol:
  9. to everyone thats calling this guy a LIAR, he has no proof, and we have no proof....so as far as this goes.....we'll just have to wait till the second of feb..... if he's not lying......well.....we all know what to do.
  10. Lol soz for bad writing...i kinda rushed and didn't read what i wrote (it made sence in my head :oops: ) but anyways Clarke hit in head then died and something hapened...THE END
  11. Well, for the people who asked how he got there, MAybe, JUST MAYBE, he was 115-ificated and zombified......(brains for new words ?) and seeing as zomps are undead, clarke bing hit in the head makes him deaded? so he turns into a zombie or something....just a very....confusing....idea of mine :D
  12. Good On ya Treyarch....you finally heard EVERYONE out..... :roll: although the fact u can't change SAM turret with hardline pro and Sentry gun is kinda gay. :(
  13. Hey guys...ima new guy, been browsing this site for a while...... Anyways, i was playing Kino Der Toten, I got the Thundergun from the random box and under the light of outside i could see what looked like russian writing on the rusted green part of the outside of the thundergun.... hope this isnt old info :oops: , btw this pic IS HUUUGE! Tell me what you guys think? hopefully this image shows up soz bout the huge picture :P
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