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  1. if you knew why it was addicted then you would be able to beat the addiction. CODS SECRETS!
  2. 23 on my old account and 0 on this acc as i dont play mw2 nemore :D
  3. hahah ima put that on my xbox profile if you dont mind pissed myself and so did my girlfriend!
  4. not to be funny but you dont need a strategie, just with them killstreaks and when u get harries its pretty much a automatic nuke.
  5. LMAO. its so balls but yet the best ever game made. most sales and most players EVER!
  6. listen. if MW2 was such a real bad game, why is it the most played game EVER? there are things to hate but honestly, it has made a trend.
  7. there is a co-op game aswell as a up to 4 player game.
  8. yes, but they have emblems, and i only said ''prestige'' so people knew i ment them and not the emblems in the callsign.
  9. this is ur second topic on this dude. they dont look like zombies, they just bin shot.
  10. well to me it confirms call signs wich was something i was wondering about. did anyone notice that the '' prestige emblems '' where the same as MW2?.
  11. did he say it matterd who you pre orderd it with?
  12. lol u dont gotta post to answer in a poll.
  13. pinnacle studio is what the dazzle comes with, the '' installation cds'' !
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