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  1. WTF is a cosmic silverback? Can you link me the info?
  2. A little late but thanks. Nice find though.
  3. Pretty sure Ebola has nothing to do with zombies. Have you ever read The Hot Zone? It's all about Ebola, I had to read it for my sophomore biology class two years ago.
  4. I think Gknova6 will be brought up again in the game not before then.
  5. Yeah, I doubt this is real anymore. It's still interesting though.


    I don't think anything changed.
  7. Considering this was an ad for the prestige edition, I doubt it had anything to do with zombies.
  8. I'm going with the hardened edition. No need for a toy car but I need those four bonus co-op maps!
  9. I think it's just the recording starting itself over again. As for the face, I never noticed that.
  10. Is there a chance that none of this has anything to do with Black Ops and it's just one big hoax?
  11. Did anyone try emailing that account? Probably nothing but why not?
  12. I don't know anymore. This seems pretty peculiar. Probably fake. Oh well.
  13. That's group 935. Remember in Der Riese, the signs by the teleporter?
  14. For the last few weeks the phone number has had a busy tone every time I have called it. Anyone else find this suspicious?
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