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  1. im not into the coding...but I do know what papyrus looks like as I worked at a place called papyrus, and we had a picture like that all over the place.
  2. it is a timeline.....hear me out. on the top left is a piece of the ascension loading screen. the center is the call of the dead screen. the top right is a piece of the next map pack loading screen...looks like papyrus and a temple of sorts....possibly ancient egypt or Cairo???? Mummies and anubis would fit the zombie theme very easily.
  3. I didn't see a teddy though...is there one nearby that spot? :?:
  4. i was at the mystery box in the room with the node cannister-thingy with the white orbs on it. I was hitting up the box trying to get a ray gun when I looked to my right and there is a gate with metal stars on them. I positioned the cursor over the middle of the on the right star and pressed X on my controller and heard a weird sound...later on a realized it is the same sound you get when pressing x on a teddy bear...anyone know anything about this?
  5. gersch device looks awesome, but did I see the player's teammate get sucked into it as well?
  6. it looks like a couple monkeys are attacking you, but others are attacking the perk machine, then the player shoots the monkeys on the machines.
  7. watched it, did anyone notice the monkeys jumping on and grabbing the perk machines before the player shot them? Thats how they are stealing perks...I wonder if you get them back?
  8. MONKEYS ATTACK THE MACHINES!!!! you have to keep the monkeys from destroying the juggernog and other machines.....thats how they steal perks.
  9. I'm more interested in the animation that happened and not the sound. I know they could have got the teddy at the same time, but I've hit that box with the bowie knife like 30 times before and all it did was move a little...the occurence I experienced in the first post was distinctly different from any other time...there was a like a small blue cloud and flash around the box when i hit it with the bowie almost like a picked up a power-up....then it slammed shut and never opened again. I didn't notice anything different after that.
  10. I was in a game of zombies in kino der toten, killing time while my teammates restocked while we had a crawler...a couple of us got talking about those mysterious red boxes that have unpowered cables leading to the teleporter....so we tried to see if there was a generator or something to direct power to the red boxes....no luck so i started to focus on oddly placed items (the fire trap downstairs, and the extra power/teleporter thingie that is located on the right hand side of the movie screen)...then my teammates went and turned on the fire trap, and linked the teleporter...i just so happened to be by the red box in the lobby (by the quick revive)...I figured that would be red box number 1 since it is closest from the beginning....i went to it and pressed X, but nothing happened....then I hit it with my bowie knife and a blue smoke cloud puffed up from the door and the red box slammed shut and i heard the drum beat from when the mystery box pulls the bear(the sound could have been just a coincidence.) This could be all coincidental, but I figured it was worth mentioning ....anyone have any similar occurence with these red boxes?
  11. I've seen this happen too. It's exactly as it seems...only one person can teleport to a single place at a time. So be careful when going to upgrade at the pack-a-punch.
  12. Check out Gamertag: Mikedamak on xbox.com. He has a few achievements and his status was online in black ops playing zombies on kino der toten with 2 other people.
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