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  1. Oh sorry bout that. So do you mean it's the same guy, because your first message says that but in this one you say a guy starts off where that guy left off... I'm confused, and zombies confuses me further, lol. Anyway I don't see why people think those two messages are connected, the one is from an American who seems to be some kind of affiliate of Group 935 and the other is a German scientist with a deeper voice. Tbh I don't think we'll get a definite answer on who the guy is exactly based on all the info available anyway.
  2. EDIT: Deleted wrong thing I put here, confusion, gawwwwh :? Anyway afaik we aren't told who he is, all we know is that he and Peter have some kind of affiliation with Group 935 as he asks Peter to find and warn Richtofen and Maxis and he details some info on Element 115. We do know that Group 935 has agents working in America amongst other places thanks to the radio in the little underground hallway bit in the Teleporter C room of Der Riese (iirc it's that one), it's possible they're somehow related - what's interesting is that Maxis mentions that his sources in America say that they have a stock of 115 (hence people expecting an Area 51 map) and the co-ordinates at the beginning of the message for Peter lead to an area in the Nevada desert (where people believe Area 51 to be) and an area in Russia where the Tunguska event happened, a meteor that exploded several kms above ground (this is relevant as we find out 115 is refind from a meteorite). The man contacting Peter, or rather his group, appear to be performing similar experiments somewhere else outside of Der Riese so maybe they are from another faction of Group 935, the fact that the message doesn't sound German is interesting though, maybe they are Nazi spies or non-German members of Group 935 (or another group affiliated with Group 935 performing similar experiments), other than that though I don't know who the guy that left the message actually is.
  3. You can't spell ignorance without IGN, an old saying but always relevant Also the clip of them jumping off the mountain in WMD is just them base jumping to avoid an avalanche, all that really tells us is that that mission is probably set in the late 70s (proved moreso by the inclusion of the Aug first developed in '77) and that Treyarch deliberately misled the journalists and community members who got to preview them with the date of 1968.
  4. I agree with all that, the forced respawn in a matter of seconds really annoys me still though, the way BC2 does it is that if you don't respawn after a certain amount of time you get kicked for inactivity, I think that's more than fair, however I don't think spawning when you're immediately going to get AC-130'd is going to make the game fun or fair, however like you say Treyarch have thusfar made much more fair multi-player and hopefully there won't be any retardo (great word btw ) killstreaks and the maps will be a lot better. And yeah being able to choose whether or not to join a game in progress would probably lead to games becoming empty, if they included the no quit out penalty if you've been in the game for less than 2 mins I talked about earlier then I guess that would make joining in progress games more fair too so you could still leave if as soon as you enter people are glitching or the host is absolutely terrible (far too common in MW2). MW2 killstreaks and maps were horrible, I hope Treyarch deliver on both this time :)
  5. Because all teleporters that we know of only teleport to the mainframe, the one by SNN that was most likely there to transport Element 115 to DR would therefore most likely be set to teleport to DR, secondly Richtofen worked at DR with Dr. Maxis, it would have been in the best interests of the whole of our cast of zombie killers to go to Der Riese to destroy it and therefore destroy the source of the zombie outbreak. Remember how the zombies were the result of using live test subjects to test the teleporter technology they created using Element 115? The dogs also came to be in a similar way when Fluffy the pregnant dog was used as a test subject, now whenever dogs spawn they spawn out of a flash of electric light that looks like the flash of light you see when you use the teleporters, this is the dogs spawning out of the teleportation. Also there's Samantha, after using the unfinished teleporter she ended up becoming 'lost' in the teleportation and became the supernatural being we hear throughout taunting us. Bearing all that in mind, maybe if our team were to destroy Der Riese and the technology that created all these bad dudes it would stop the zombies and dogs spawning and even take care of Samantha. Maybe, I'm speculating based on the information we have, but it would certainly explain why they traveled there. Obviously Richtofen's motives differ from those of the rest of the group, as his motives are dictated by an outside source (ie the Illuminati) the reason why he would travel back is difficult to think through... Bear in mind these people were feeding him secret messages in illuminati code, so it's safe to say he was undercover, then they have him kill Maxis when his experimetns are not finished but are very close, so overall it looks like Richtofen is there to possibly steal all the research and materials for this group he works for, I imagine he went back to Der Riese to destroy it, using Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo and then killing them all later (as they'd know too much). EDIT: Also it's probably worth noting we don't know much of Nikolai, Takeo or Dempsey or their motives, so why they would go there (other than to destroy Der Riese like I said earlier) would be guesswork more than anything else. With Richtofen at least it's possible to have several educated guesses based on his work and affiliations.
  6. Well tbh there are ways around it, ie they could have no quit out penalty if you've been in the game under 2 minutes or something, BC2 doesn't have quit out penalties and in the 80-100 hours I put into it people quitting out wasn't that common or much of a big deal. I don't think it's something I should just have to deal with - in the case of MW2 I paid for the game, I went to play it and it 's full of people ruining the experience IW promised because there are numerous glitches that players can use to their advantage and yet people get penalized for leaving those games, so you either stay and lose or you leave and lose, it's frustratingly idiotic, especially when there are ways of boosting XP and raising k/d and w/l they haven't and will probably never address. Like I said, quitting out within 2 minutes of joining a game shouldn't incur any negative repercussions imo, that would be fair and stop quit-outs near the end of the game.
  7. They teleported there from Shi No Numa, the teleporter probably existed in SNN because Maxis wanted to transport the store of Element 115 from there to Der Riese. Also if you listen to the recordings hidden throughout Der Riese you'll learn the zombies (and hounds) came to be as a side-effect of the teleporters before they got them to work properly, if there was a teleporter in or near SNN then that could explain why there are those Imperial zombies there if some Japanese soldiers either attempted to or were forced to use said teleporter to test it.
  8. Yeah, it's just viral marketting, works really well with cult stuff and those that have quite 'hardcore' fanbases, cool that Tron is getting the same kind of treatment :)
  9. (Here's the original text of the doc GWB quotes to AD without the censored bits: http://cuban-exile.com/doc_351-375/doc0355.html - it goes on a little further than the quote in the above doc) The document GWB quotes is from two months after the Bay of Pigs operation in Cuba by the CIA that happened under JFK's presidency. The recipient of the quoted document was Richard Goodwin who was an advisor to JFK, a couple of months after the date of this letter he had secret meetings with Che Guevara, Che himself was later executed by CIA men from the Bay of Pigs operation. The man that sent the quoted document was Arthur Schlesinger Jr, he was a Special Assistant to JFK at this time, he was thoroughly opposed to the Bay of Pigs invasion. So GWB and AD are involved with Operation 40 and are not pleased that information regarding the operation was leaked to the President Kennedy's advisor and assistant. As they are so heavily involved and the letter is in English I'm guessing it's likely they are CIA and they may believe that their work is so sensitive that even these high ranking presidential staff shouldn't know about it. (The actual document goes on further, full original document in text form here: http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2759.htm - ctrl+F for 'Central Intelligence Report on the assassination of John Kennedy') Was this next doc kept next to the other one? If so these two documents could be related. This one is a CIA report about the assassination of President Kennedy two years later in 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswold, a US Marine who had briefly defected to the Soviets, other than that he had serious mental issues his motives, from what I know as a non-American, weren't ever fully explained or proven (please correct me if I am incorrect). If GWB and AD (the fictional characters created by Treyarch) are CIA then it would be no coincidence the above document is also from the CIA, there could possibly be an implication that there was a conspiracy in regards to the assassination of JFK involving the CIA. They seem to reference Oswold, JFK and the CIA a lot both in promotional documents like these and the ones shown in the uncut-reveal from May 18th, so I don't think this is a big leap in logic that they could be implying that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK and GWB and AD may even be involved.
  10. There are a few perks I'd like to see go, firstly I would prefer there to be no damage or armour buffers, and get rid of Scavenger in favour of having the ability to always be able to pick up small amounts of ammo from weapons of downed combatants, so long as the weapon uses the same rounds that is. Also I'd like to see Last Stand go, probably the worst perk they put in besides Commando imo. Other MP stuff I'd like to see: Barebones playlists - no kill/deathstreak rewards, no perks, just one weapon attachment. Or 2 Definitely have this for Free-For-All, TDM, S&D and Sabotage. Cage Match 1vs1 mode return No Riot Shields Get rid of titles and just keep emblems, only one avatar is really necessary and I don't care if your average [420]xX_mast3rch13f_Xx likes having two weed related pictures come up No forced respawn after a few seconds, it's insanely annoying when you spawn and a harrier or some other killstreak reward kills you before you can move 10 feet No quit out penalties (ie counting it as a loss) - if you're playing with glitchers and what not, it's frustrating that you either have to stay and lose or quit and lose Be given an option as to whether or not you want to join a game in progress
  11. Haha, Josh Olin with a baseball bat, great vid. Can't wait till we finalllly get some details on co-op.
  12. "Josh Olin: Well I can tell you – and again, not to spoil the game – there is one character from World at War who is going to make a return, and that’s Reznov. But I don’t want to tell you what capacity he works in our game, but he has a pretty big part and the players who experienced World at War are going to recognise him. But that’s all I can really disclose right now and believe me, I would love to tell you about the whole game but I just don’t want to spoil that experience because this story is just so rich and deep." - AusGamers interview. So he has a pretty big part according to jd_2020. Well, they're hardly going to make a fan favourite who was a good guy (aside from his passion for mercilessly slaughtering his enemies I guess... but all things considered that was justifiable) a bad guy, so if that's right then it looks like he won't be on the side of the Soviet Union. According to a couple of previews from journalists who got to play a couple of missions (including the June issue of OXM) he was working with the S.O.G. guys in one mission, so maybe he defected or he's a freedom fighter of some kind, now opposed to the USSR.
  13. Afaik nobody knows where it's located but it can easily be found on the pc by ripping the audio file from where they are stored.
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